"There's a difference between war and cruelty."
— Sofia to Garron Paduk when they're discussing the fate of General Karn

Cadet Sofia Hendrik was a Gear soldier in the Coalition of Ordered Governments army who served in Kilo Squad. During the Pendulum Wars Sofia was a journalist, but joined the army after Emergence Day, and was sent to the Halvo Bay Military Academy in Halvo Bay, where she became a cadet in the Onyx Guard. When the Locust assaulted Halvo Bay, Sofia was assigned to Kilo Squad to keep an eye on Garron Paduk. She and Kilo Squad helped defeat General Karn by disobeying orders, and she later left the COG to travel with Paduk. They led a group of former COG and Union of Independent Republics soldiers and civilians who lived in Halvo Bay, but she was kidnapped by members of the COG at an unknown point, leaving her fate unknown.


Early LifeEdit

Sofia had nine other siblings, but only grew up with an older brother, Jason, because their father moved around a lot and fathered children in different cities. After Jason was killed fighting in the Pendulum Wars, Sofia dropped out of school and starter her career as a news reporter.[5]

Pendulum WarsEdit

Sofia first served as a media correspondent for the Coalition of Ordered Governments as part of The New Ephyran news agency during the Pendulum Wars, and was scarred by the horrors of war that she saw. She was highly critical of the COG and its conduct during the war.[6]

Emergence Day and Academy LifeEdit

"He was married. With kids. I moved on."
— Sofia, telling Augustus Cole how her relationship with Elliott ended

After the Locust emerged, Sofia joined the COG army mere hours after the Locust War started, which surprised people due to her previous criticism of the COG.[6] Sofia was sent to join the Halvo Bay Military Academy in Halvo Bay and became an officer cadet in the Onyx Guard. In addition, she was trained to become a medic.[7] She and the other cadets heard rumors about a "doomsday weapon" the headmasters had installed incase the academy was ever overrun, but she dismissed it as fake.[8] Sofia became an expert shot with a Snub Pistol, winning every ribbon that the academy gave out for its use,[9] and she also took fencing lessons.[10] Sofia entered into a relationship with weapons designer Professor Kurt Elliott, who let her test experimental weapons in his lab at the academy and gave her access to a secret entrance in his mansion.[11] When she discovered that he was married and had children, Sofia broke off their relationship.[12]

Destruction of Halvo BayEdit

Museum of Military GloryEdit


Kilo checking their ammo before heading to the museum

Advancing to the MuseumEdit
"We have to find whatever did this."
— Sofia, after discovering the convoy had been destroyed

Around six weeks after Emergence Day,[13] Halvo Bay came under heavy Locust assault. Sofia was assigned to Kilo Squad under the command of Lt.Damon Baird, with orders to keep an eye on Pvt.Garron Paduk, a former Union of Independent Republics soldier from the Republic of Gorasnaya, who the COG feared would try and steal military technology.[14] Rounding out the squad was Pvt.Augustus Cole, a former Thrashball star turned Gear. During the early stages of the battle, Kilo was sent to meet with a convoy in the Old Town district. They moved through the alleyways toward the convoy, hearing a massive Locust moving through the streets on the opposite side of the buildings in front of them. They then engaged a small group of Locust in a courtyard, and after defeating them, they discovered their convoy had been completely wiped out. Sofia stated that she wanted to find whatever had destroyed them and gain revenge. They then destroyed a small Locust force that was still at the convoy site, which included Lambent Wretchs. After informing Col.Ezra Loomis of the situation, Sofia and the others were ordered to head to the Museum of Military Glory and help defend it from the Locust.[15] Sofia and the others entered a basement that led to the riverwalk district in order to bypass Locust forces between them and the museum. When they exited the basement, they discovered that Hammer of Dawn strikes had been authorized in the area, and were forced to quickly battle through an entrenched Locust force along the riverfront to escape in time.[16] After cutting through some abandoned buildings, they scavenged Hammerbursts and Sawed-Off Shotguns to use against the Locust. They exited the building and entered the museum gardens, just in time to see the last of the Gears outside fall to the Locust. They engaged the enemy and took out several Kantus before securing the balcony. They then defeated a Locust counterattack, closing several Emergence Holes and securing the gardens before entering the museum.[17]


Kilo meeting the Onyx Guard protecting the museum

Defending the MuseumEdit
"I'm Onyx."
"No you're not, Cadet.
— Sofia, responding to an Onyx Guard soldier after he states that Kilo wasn't Onyx

Upon entering the museum, they discovered a group of Onyx Guard soldiers. After Baird told them that Loomis had sent them, the commanding officer commented that they were not Onyx. Sofia stepped up and said that she was, but the Gear told her that she was not and dismissed her as just a cadet, causing Paduk to laugh and Sofia to shoot him a dirty look. The officer ordered them to stay there and defend the Great Hall while they went to reinforce the east wing, shoving Sofia out of the way as they left the room. After receiving word that a large Locust force was incoming, Sofia and the others began setting up defense turrets and grenade traps around the room. When the Locust assaulted, they opened up Emergence Holes inside the room and sent Nemacyst in through the windows. After repelling two waves of Locust, Kilo received a call for help from Black-Four, who were getting hammered in the East Wing.[18] Sofia and the others entered the Kashkur Wing, where they encountered heavy resistance from a fewCyclops, but managed to overcome them.[19] Upon entering the East Wing, the remaining members of Black-Four ordered them to hold the room while they engaged the Locust in the street. Sofia and the others set up defenses in the room to protect Nassar Embry's armor, and then held off a massive Locust assault on the room. After defeating the Locust, they spotted a massive creature outside of the museum, and Paduk said that its presence meant the end of Halvo bay.[20]


Sofia shocked after hearing about Garron's scars

Exiting the MuseumEdit
"Colonel... what about the Lightmass Missile?"
— Sofia, suggesting that they use the Lightmass Missile to kill Karn

They decided to leave the museum and assist in the battle outside, but were forced to go through the archives to do so. While down there, they encountered two Serapedes protecting ten egg clutches. They killed the massive creatures and destroyed the eggs to prevent more from hatching, and proceeded into the diCordia Archive room. After fighting through the archives, they went up a stairwell towards the vaults, and Baird ordered everyone to check their radios, but Sofia informed him that she could not hear any communications.[21] Upon entering the vault, they discovered that there was so much dust it was nearly impossible to see more than a few feet in front of them. Sofia and the others were forced to fight through Theron Guards and Butchers using cleavers, as well as Maulers and Wretches. After defeating the Locust and exiting the vault, they made contact with Loomis and informed him that all of the other Gears at the museum had been killed, and Paduk informed them that the Locust leading the attack was General Karn, who had wiped out his nation in a matter of days. Loomis dismissed Karn's ability, but Sofia suggested using the Lightmass Missile to kill him and Shibboleth. Loomis told her to leave strategy to the officers, and ordered them to engage Karn and not to contact him again until the Locust general was dead. However, they then lost radio contact with Loomis, and witnessed Karn and his forces occupying the area around the museum. Cole asked Sofia how the missile worked, and she explained to them that it was classified, but that the designer, Elliott, worked at the Halvo Bay Military Academy, and that the missile was located at Onyx Point. Baird agreed that it was a good plan, but Paduk expressed distaste for it, explaining that his scars had been caused by a Lightmass Missile and guessed that it would burn the entire city. Sofia was shocked to learn the origin of Garron's scars, and she told them that this missile was low yield, but that Elliott had stopped work on it after the Hammer of Dawn had been completed. She explained that they would need to get a beacon to guide the missile, secure the launch codes, and activate the missile on site to fire it. However, she also pointed out that they would need to get approval from Loomis to fire the missile. Paduk tried to contact him and explained their plan, and reasoned that since no one responded to object, they had approval. Baird said that worked for him, and ordered Sofia to take them to the academy.[22]

Halvo Bay Military AcademyEdit


Kilo entering the Military Academy

Crossing the Enfield BridgeEdit
"Whatever happened here, I know my friends fought hard."
— Sofia, upon seeing the ruins and dead bodies at the academy

Despite her reservations with the plan, Sofia led Kilo to the academy out of a desire to see what had happened to her fellow cadets. They used a sewer line to reach the outskirts of the academy, and did not encounter any Locust since they were busy on the ground. After exiting an alleyway, they had a clear view of the academy and discovered that it had already been attacked by Karn. Sofia became determined to recover the beacon and use it to destroy the Locust General. Sofia stated that she knew he fellow cadets had fought hard, and Paduk told her there was no shame in losing a battle. As they approached the Enfield Bridge, Sofia and the others found themselves low on ammo and supplies. When they were halfway across the bridge, they came under attack by a Reaver squadron, but managed to survive the onslaught and defeat the flying Locust. After taking out a few more Locust at the entrance to the academy, they entered the academy's ground.[23]


Kilo escorting Troy bot out of the lab.

Locating the BeaconEdit
"Opening that door wasn't easy. I knew what I was going to find on the other side. So I turned my heart off. It was the only way I'd make it."
— Sofia to Col. Ezra Loomis, during her testimony

Sofia was well aware that she would find her friends, teachers, and comrades dead inside the academy, and forced herself to ignore her emotions and get the mission done. They discovered the entrance hall was blocked and on fire, and were forced to detour around to the courtyard. They then learned that the academy’s defense system had activated and was preparing to release poison gas into the courtyard, forcing them to quickly battle through the Locust forces there and proving Sofia wrong about her dismissal of the academy's "doomsday weapon". After taking out the Locust forces, she told the others to follow her to the Van Slyke Institute for Science and Technology. When they reached the institutes door, a Rager burst through and transformed in front of them before charging straight at Kilo. They managed to put it down, and fought through more Ragers and supporting Locust forces before reaching Elliott's lab entrance.[8] Sofia bypassed the security station and they discovered that the lab had been filled with toxic fumes from the fire suppression system, which made fighting difficult. They were still able to defeat the Locust occupying the lab, and Sofia remarked that it looked different from the last time she was there. Baird asked if she worked there, but Sofia explained to him that she had tested prototype weapons and that Elliott had a crush on her, which surprised him. Sofia led them to a lab at the back, past the bodies of several scientists, and opened a secure door to where the beacon was. They discovered that the beacon was a bot named Troy, and Sofia deactivated its restraints to free it. As the bot floated free, Baird said he thought they could cloak, and Sofia explained that the academy had anti-cloaking fields set up to prevent that, and that they would need to protect him on the way out of the academy.[11]


Kilo escaping the Military Academy with Troy bot

Escaping the AcademyEdit
"When the bot beeps and freezes, it means we've got company! He won't move until it's clear!"
— Sofia, explaining the bot's behavior to the others

Baird ordered Troy to guide them out of the academy, and it hacked through another door in the lab that led to the Monroe Commons. Halfway through the commons, Troy stopped and began beeping while putting up a shield. Sofia explained to the others that it meant that Troy had detected enemies nearby and would not move it the area was clear. As they engaged the Locust, Baird told her that they all knew that, but Paduk informed him that he had not known that. After taking out the Locust, Sofia asked the bot to open the door leading outside, and they defended it from another Locust assault, which included Nemacyst that Sofia guessed were annoyed by the bots electronic signals, since they all zeroed in on it. After Troy unlocked the door, they entered a giant courtyard where more Locust assaulted them. They managed to defeat them and protect the bot, and overheard comm chatter from a King Raven that was shot down over the academy.[24] They then entered the atrium, where they switched to Snub Pistols due to being low on ammo, but Sofia did not mind since she was an expert shot with them. Wretches jumped down at them from above and Locust swarmed the hall, but Sofia and the others were able to repel the attack and defend Troy using only the pistols. They then entered a courtyard, where they spotted the King Raven they had heard going down earlier.[9] The crew was all dead, but they managed to scavenge some equipment from the wreckage. Another King Raven flew overhead and informed them that a large Locust force was incoming on their position. They quickly set up traps and turrets to take on the Locust, which included Serapedes and Corpsers. After defeating two waves of Locust, they were able to make it out of the academy without further incident and headed for the Seahorse Hills, where Elliott's house and the launch codes were. Sofia hoped that Elliott was having better luck against the Locust than her fellow cadets had.[25]

Seahorse HillsEdit


Kilo searching for Elliott's mansion

Fighting Towards Elliott's MansionEdit
"There's another entrance not too far from here. A... friends and family entrance you might say."
— Sofia to Baird, explaining another way to get into Elliott's mansion

Kilo made their through the city to the Amador Park in the Seahorse Hills, scavenging Gnasher Shotguns and Sawed-Offs from a mansion due to a lack of ammo. Sofia was horrified at the state of the neighborhood, and Paduk doubted that Elliott was still alive, a sentiment which Baird agreed with. They smashed through the Locust's front lines, and Sofia commented that they had a long way to go before reaching Elliott's mansion. They entered the courtyard of one of the mansions, where they encountered a Corpser with other Locust supporting it. After clearing out the Locust, they proceeded across the street towards the next group of houses.[26] Sofia recommended they cut through the Magadha Villa, but when they entered they were ambushed by the Locust, who used smoke grenades to obscure their vision. They fought their way out of the ambush and villa, destroying the Locust forces sent to ambush them. They then overheard comm chatter between Loomis and another Gear, who reported that Omega-Two had taken out the Seeder at the airport, but that Karn was destroying everything there. Sofia and the others worriedly listened as Loomis demanded that the Gear drive Karn and the Locust into the sea, but the Gear was killed by the Locust forces while protesting that they were outnumbered.[27] They then entered the Soleno Villa, which they discovered had been rigged with explosives to stop looters and Locust. They fought through the Kantus led Locust forces in the Villa, and Sofia called out a warning to the others when she spotted two Ragers. They cut the rampaging Locust down and took out several more supporting troops before exiting the villa and crossing a broken bridge.[28] As they made their way through the broken street, Sofia noticed that the barriers were not made by the COG, and Paduk identified them as being built by the Locust. After taking out a small group of Locust, they came into view of Elliott's mansion, which had multiple turrets guarding it. Sofia noted they could not get past the security system guarding the mansion, but informed the others about the hidden entrance that led to Elliott's lab. Paduk asked how well she knew the professor, and she simply told him that she knew him well enough, and began guiding the others toward the hidden entrance.[29]


Kilo searching for the Locust mortar squads

Securing Elliott's MansionEdit
"Hey, his won't be the first body I've seen today."
— Sofia, after Baird asked if she was alright with Elliott's death

They swept through the streets, taking down Locust barriers, before locating a Locust Mortar crew. They took it out, and Baird decided they needed to take out all the mortar crews before Elliott's house was destroyed. They fought through a huge Locust force on the street and cleared out a captured COG checkpoint, killing a Locust mortar crew inside.[29] They left the checkpoint, and headed for the Risea Estate, where another mortar crew was firing from. They managed to clear out the estate despite heavy covering fire from Locust One-Shots.[30] They headed for the guest bungalows to take out the final mortar crew, and repulsed a Locust counterattack after they killed the final crew. Baird then asked Sofia to take them to the hidden entrance, and she told him that it was just beyond a nearby gate.[31] As she led them into the canal where the entrance was located, Sofia admitted that she did not think that Elliott would be alive. Baird said that he could be, but she told him that even he did not believe that. He admitted that he did not, and asked her if she was alright. Sofia responded that Elliott's body would not be the first friend she had seen dead that day. She entered the code to the hidden entrance and led Kilo to Elliott's lab. They discovered that Elliott had committed suicide after learning his wife and kids had been killed by the Locust. Baird ordered Troy to hack the computer, and Sofia was grieved by the entire situation. Baird offered his sympathy, and Cole asked what had happened between the two of them. She briefly explained how she discovered Elliott was married with kids and decided to move on after that. The power was then went out, and Sofia guessed that Troy had disabled something when hacking into the system. With the defenses down, the Locust could now enter the mansion. Baird ordered everyone to go out front and defend the mansion until the bot finished hacking the computer. They repelled the first wave, and Troy managed to open the mainframe. However, this left it exposed to attack, forcing Kilo to worry about defending it when the next attack arrived. Near the end of the second attack, a Berserker joined the battle. After eliminating the Berserker and its supporting forces, Troy finished getting the codes, and Sofia and the others left Elliott's mansion.[12]

Onyx PointEdit


Kilo making their way through the base.

Assaulting Onyx PointEdit
"I never trained for amphibious assault!"
— Sofia, as Kilo lands under heavy fire

Sofia and the others then hijacked a Locust landing ship and used it to reach Onyx Point, which Cole knew the location of due to taking a tour of it when being guided around Halvo Bay by a general a few years prior. They landed on the beach to find the Locust had heavily fortified it and were using grenade traps, and Sofia complained that she had never trained for amphibious assault. They managed to push up the beach and clear the fortifications of Locust.[32] They then fought through the container terminal, and barely escaped the area before it was hit by a bombardment form an offshore COG artillery unit.[33] Kilo found themselves at the motor pool and took out an outpost the Locust had set up there before leaving.[34] They climbed over several vehicles and boxes that were blocking the tunnel out of the motor pool and found themselves on a cliffside with a view of the Endeavor Naval Shipyard, which was under heavy Locust assault. Sofia noted that Karn had captured the port, and sadly lamented that she had friends who were stationed there, and Cole said that he did as well. They then rounded up Torque Bows and Breechshots, since their weapons were getting low on ammo. As they headed toward an elevator, Sofia spotted snipers on the ridge opposite of them and warned the others. They took cover and exchanged fire with the Locust until the elevator came down behind them carrying several Drones. They quickly took them out and rode the elevator up, but Sofia spotted more Locust on the ridge opposite of them and warned the others to take them out quickly since they did not have any cover, and they managed to safely reach the top while taking out several Locust.[35] They entered the central area of the base, but the weather took a turn for the worse, and fog and heavy wind made it difficult for the Gears to see or move. They managed to defeat a large force of Drones and then located an elevator that took them down deeper into the base.[36]


Sofia stating that she is also going to help Omega.

Arming the Missile and EscapeEdit
"That's a coincidence. So am I."
— Sofia, to Baird after he said he was going to rescue Omega-Two

At the bottom of the elevator, they finally located the Lightmass Missile and arming station. As Baird began arming the missile, comms came back online and Loomis ordered all squads to head for the Museum of Military Glory to retake it. Sofia told Baird that he needed to tell Loomis what they were doing, and Baird contacted Loomis and reported that they were preparing to arm the missile. Loomis was furious, and Paduk tried to warn him that Karn was too dangerous to use anything less than the Lightmass Missile. Loomis dismissed his concerns, stating that a Locust who could wipe out a bunch of Indies was no threat to Gears and that he would shake Karn's hand if he could, shocking Sofia and the others. Loomis then ordered Kilo to remain on Onyx Point and for Sofia to arrest Paduk, along with Baird if he protested. Sgt.Marcus Fenix from Omega-Two then broke in over the comms, reporting that they were pinned down two blocks from the museum and needed evac, but Lt.Anya Stroud reported that they could only get a King Raven to them in an hour. Cole pointed out they could rescue them in less than an hour, and Baird stated that he was going to rescue Omega. Sofia informed him that she was as well, and they quickly entered the launch codes to prepare the Lightmass Missile for firing. Kilo then began to escape the fort, but were forced to fight through darkness when the power went out. After clearing out the Locust from the area, Sofia remarked the missile was useless if the Locust could reach it, but Baird told her they could have Troy seal the door from the other side.[37] After sealing the door, they made their way back up to the surface. When they reached the beach, Troy began beeping, alerting the Gears to incoming Locust forces. They quickly set up defenses along the beachfront, and several waves of Locust assaulted the beach using landing craft. Once the Locust forces were defeated, Sofia and the others took one of the landing craft back to the mainland.[38]

Rescuing Omega-TwoEdit

Moving Through Downtown Halvo BayEdit
"I bet we could reach the rooftops if we head up there."
— Sofia, suggesting they use the rooftops to avoid the Locust patrols

They landed in the wharf district of downtown Halvo Bay, and were forced to fight through a heavily fortified Locust position, which they suspected Karn had set up to stop them.[39] After cutting through a hotel, they wound up in the middle of a parade grounds that where the end of the Pendulum Wars had been celebrated. As they tried to go through a gate, a Serapede came out form under it and attacked them, supported by several other Locust creatures. After they killed the monsters, they finished lifting the gate up and proceeded through. They spotted a Locust patrol approaching and set up an ambush, with Sofia and Cole setting up on the left side of the street and Baird and Paduk on the right.[40] They annahilated the Locust patrol, but Paduk was worried that they would encounter more. Sofia suggested climbing up the ruins of a destroyed building to reach the rooftops and use them to get closer to the museum. They directed Troy to open the door leading to the rooftops, and defending against a massive swarm of Ragers that assaulted their position. After killing the rampaging Locust, they headed up to the rooftops.[41]

Navigating the Rooptops and Firing the MissileEdit
"Uh, we're aiding another unit, sir."
— Sofia, informing Loomis of their position

Upon entering the stairwell, they discovered that the citizens of Halvo Bay that had not been evacuated had fled to the rooftops hoping for safety, but had been slaughtered by Locust forces sent up to exterminate them. They scavenged Longshot Sniper Rifles and Boltok Pistols due to low ammo, and proceeded to continue up the buildings floors to the roof. They encountered several dozen Drones as well as Shriekers, but managed to fight through them. A Reaver then flew overhead and attacked them, but they managed to defeat it as well.[42] They proceeded onto the next set of rooftops, where they found even more bodies. By this point, Kilo was extremely low on ammo and worked to scavenge whatever they could find. After fighting past another group of Locust, they kicked down a door and entered a small building.[43] They heard another transmission between Omega-Two and Control, with Omega getting close to being overwhelmed. After clearing the rooftop of Locust forces, Kilo found themselves looking over the museum square. They sent the bot towards Karn's position under his cloak, and monitored the hundreds of Locust occupying the museum square. Sofia realized she did not even know the bots name, and Baird revealed that it was Troy. Sofia was then contacted by Loomis, who demanded to know her position. She informed him that they were aiding another unit, and he asked which unit and why they were not still at Onyx Point. Baird cut in and told him that they were preparing to fire the Lightmass Missile to kill Karn, but Loomis informed him that the missile was being saved for a purpose by command, and that he would have them all tried and shot. Baird looked at the others for approval, and Sofia gave him a nod while the others signaled their assent as well for him to fire. Baird launched the missile. The missile flattened the museum and took out all of the Locust there, while also kicking up a huge cloud of smoke. Omega-Two reported they were clear, but Kilo had no time to celebrate as Locust arrived to assault them.[44] They killed the first few Locust, and then bunkered down to repel an assault by Karn's personal guard. After repulsing two waves of Locust and two Reavers, the Locust assault ended and Kilo was victorious. Two King Ravens then arrived, and Loomis and his personal unit of Onyx Guard placed Sofia and the rest of Kilo under arrest.[45]

Loomis' TribunalEdit

"Colonel, are we being charged with doing our job?"
— Sofia, at the start of Loomis' tribunal

Sofia and the rest of Kilo were flown in chains to a courthouse by Loomis, where he informed them that he would listen to their testimony and hand out his judgment at the end. Sofia asked him if they were being tried for doing their job, and Loomis informed her that he would define the charges as he heard their testimony. He ordered Baird to proceed first, beginning with their mission to the Museum of Military Glory.[15] Once he finished and reached Kilo's decision to head to the Halvo Bay Military Academy, Loomis asked Sofia what it took for an Onyx Guard cadet to steal a Lightmass Missile. She informed him that she had been against the plan, earning Paduk's scorn. Sofia angrily told him to show her and the COG army some respect, but Paduk told her to look what doing that had gotten them. The courthouse was then rocked by a massive explosion, and Onyx Guards rushed outside to help defend the building. Loomis demanded that Sofia give her testimony now, and she began explaining their battle and actions at the Halvo Bay Military Academy. She began by stating that she had gone to see if her friends were still alive, and that upon witnessing the death and destruction at the academy, she became convinced that Karn had to die.[23] Once she finished, Paduk recounted the group’s mission to the Seahorse Hills to get the launch codes form Elliott's house.[26] When Paduk finished, Loomis turned his attention to Cole, but the Locust suddenly pushed into the courthouse. The Onyx Guard repelled them, and Cole began to give his testimony on Kilo's actions at Onyx Point.[32] Loomis was astounded at their actions, and refused to stop the tribunal even when Cpt.D. Jones suggested evacuating the courthouse due to the Locust assault, forcing Baird to give his next round of testimony.[39] Once Baird finished recounting the events that led up the firing the missile, Loomis announced that he had reached his verdict, and asked if they had any last words. Sofia claimed that they had saved a lot of people with their actions, and Cole added that that included Loomis. After Baird stated that Karn had to die, Loomis prepared to open fire on the Kilo, but a huge explosion rocked the building and threw everyone to the floor. Locust poured into the courtroom, and Kilo took cover behind a fallen pillar as the Onyx Guard were cut down and Loomis fled after Paduk saved his life. They grabbed weapons off of the ground and engaged the Locust.[10]

Finishing KarnEdit

Escaping the CourthouseEdit
"We should have been out there fighting tonight."
— Sofia, viewing the destruction of Halvo Bay through a hole in the courthouse wall

Sofia and Kilo first had to deal with a Reaver that smashed through the roof, supported by dozens of Locust. After taking it out, Sofia and the others retrieved cleavers to use against the Locust, and Sofia commented that she was glad she had taken fencing at the academy, causing the others to mock her. After cutting their way through the Locust, they exited the courtroom.[10] They discarded the cleavers, and viewed the battle raging across the city from a hole in the wall, and Sofia commented that they should have been out fighting instead of being tried.. After gathering weapons and ammo, they entered the Halls of Judgment and encountered a pack of Shriekers, which they managed to defeat. In the next room, they saw the Raven that had brought them to the courthouse still waiting in the Plaza for the Tyran Dead, and Baird decided that they would use it to escape the Locust assault. In the next room, they fought through a large Locust force that used smoke grenades to cover their position. After a long fight, Kilo managed to hunt down and kill all of the Locust in the room.[46] In the next room, Kilo gathered some more supplies, but were getting increasingly exhausted from their days of fighting. They managed to preserver through a heavy Locust presence on the terrace, and commented on the fact that the Locust were still fighting despite Karn being dead.[47] They then entered the North Entrance, where two large forces of Locust occupied the next two rooms, but Kilo managed to defeat both of them. Sofia then asked Paduk why he had saved Loomis' life during the firefight in the courtroom, and he suggested that maybe he had been aiming for Loomis and missed. Sofia did not believe him, and said that it was because he might be a decent man, which Paduk reluctantly agreed with.[48] Upon entering the hall leading to the main entrance, Kilo as horrified to discover dozens of Gears in body bags, all of whom had died defending the courthouse during Kilo's trial. Sofia felt bad about leaving the bodies behind, and Baird agreed that it felt wrong. They then scavenged Sawed-Offs and Boomshields due to a lack of ammo, but Sofia was disappointed in their limited weapon choice. They defeated a Locust force guarding the main entrance, and then made their way over a pile of rubble blocking the exit.[49] This gave them a clear view of the Raven waiting in the Plaza below, as well as Halvo Bay burning. After closing an Emergence Hole, they encountered Loomis killing a Boomer. He joined them in fighting off the rest of the Locust occupying the Grand Staircase, and they rushed down towards the Plaza to escape on the King Raven.[50]


Sofia protesting against torturing Karn, stating that there's a difference between war and cruelty.

Battling KarnEdit
"No wonder I was supposed to keep an eye on you."
"Me? For what?"
"I guess they thought you might try to steal our military technology. Which you did.
— Sofia to Paduk, after the battle against Karn

As they took cover behind a sandbag before beginning the final rush towards the Raven, Karn emerged atop Shibboleth and kicked the Raven over their heads, sending it crashing into the Grand Staircase. Loomis ordered Kilo to engage, and the five Gears moved into the Plaza for the Tyran Dead and engaged Karn and his mount. After wounding Shibboleth several times and dispatching elite Locust forces that supported Karn during the battle, King Ravens arrived and helped Kilo put the beast down for good. Karn was thrown from his mount, and Kilo Squad surrounded the wounded Locust general. Sofia asked what they should do with him, and Paduk suggested taking their time torturing him. Sofia protested that there was a difference between war and cruelty, but Loomis then arrived and shot Karn in the head before telling her that war is cruelty, and that this one was not over. Kilo then noticed they were surrounded by Loomis' Onyx Guard forces, but Loomis simply dropped the charges against them and demoted Baird to Private. Sofia watched as Paduk refused to shake Loomis' hand, and as they began to leave the Plaza, Sofia told Paduk that she had been assigned to keep an eye on him. Paduk asked what for, and she told him they were worried he would steal the COG's military technology, which he had done. Baird corrected her, saying they had only "illegally accessed" the Lightmass Missile, and informed her of his demotion. Sofia guessed that meant that she was now in charge of the squad, much to Paduk's dismay.[14]

Kidnapper Tags

Baird holding COG Tag's belonging to one of Sofia's kidnappers.

Kidnapping and LegacyEdit

"You wanna know what happened to Sofia? Kidnapped while she was out on patrol. I watched it happen through my scope. I was only able to kill one of them. You wanna stay friends? Let's never see each other again."
Garron Paduk revealing Sofia's fate to Baird before leaving their ship.

At some point after the battle for Halvo Bay ended, Sofia left the COG to travel with Paduk. They went to Halvo Bay and became important figures in a community comprised of former COG and UIR members who refused to fight with either side but did not consider themselves Stranded, even going as far as not letting them "operate" in their city.[51] However, while out on patrol one day, several men kidnapped Sofia. Paduk saw the whole thing happen through his scope. He was only able to kill one of the men, who he discovered was a former Gear, seeing the COG tag solidified Paduks' hatred of the COG. He later informed Baird and Cole about her kidnapping when they were about to leave Halvo Bay after they arrived in the city during the Lambent Pandemic looking for reinforcements and a ship to take to Azura. They were saddened to learn of her fate, and Paduk told them that if they wish to remain friends, they were never to see each other again.[52]

Personality and TraitsEdit

Sofia believed in doing things by-the-book, and felt that ethics should not be compromised for victory.[7] Due to her by-the-book attitude, she was assigned to ensure that Garron Paduk did not steal any COG military technology, but ended up helping him do so out of a desire to get revenge on General Karn for slaughtering her friends.[14]

Behind the scenesEdit

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  • Sofia is voiced by Ali Hillis.
  • Sofia is not confirmed to be dead, as the writers wanted to keep as many storytelling possibilites open as possible. Writer Rob Auten stated that "We are not saying if Sofia is dead. I actually tweaked the Gearspedia reference myself a few days ago as it said she was murdered, which Paduk never actually says. It was intentionally left unclear."
  • In an interview Gears of War: Judgment's writers Rob Auten and Tom Bissell stated that early on in the games development Sofia's and Garron's roles were originally switched; Sofia being a UIR refugee and Garron being an Onyx Guard Cadet. At the time both character's even had completely different names and ages but later on during development the writer decided to swap them because "it made more sense".[53]


  • Sofia is one of the four characters available right from the get-go in Gears of War: Judgment's competitive multiplayer.
  • In OverRun, Sofia represents the COG Medic, one of the four available classes available to the defending team. Equipped with a Mark II Lancer, a Sawed-Off Shotgun and a Stim-Gas Grenade, Sofia can hold her own in combat as well as heal and revive wounded teammates.



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