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Snatchers are a type of creature found within the Swarm. Aptly named, they "snatch" humans and hold them inside their body.

Snatchers pick out a human target and fire a quill from their tail. Getting hit by this quill would instantly incapacitate the target, allowing the Snatcher to walk up and drag the human into its stomach. The Snatcher would then deposit the human in a pod, typically in designated hive areas, where the human would mutate into a Juvie. Like most other Swarm creatures, Snatchers were armored but were susceptible to attacks aimed at their unprotected stomach.


25 years after the end of the Lambent Pandemic, Snatchers were responsible for kidnapping people from both Outsider villages and COG settlements. Snatchers are born and grow up as Pouncers, but later become Snatchers.[1]

When the Speaker led an attack on an Outsider village led by Reyna Diaz, many Snatchers went with him and captured most of the villagers.

One Snatcher was responsible for snatching Marcus Fenix. Marcus attempted to smoke the Snatcher out with a Bolo Grenade, but failed to notice another Snatcher sneak up on him. The Snatcher that had visibly followed them later snatched Marcus and carried him to its hive, where it was killed by JD Fenix and his squad.

Many Snatchers appeared on the way to Tollen Dam to stop the Gears from destroying the central hive, but were all killed by heavy mechs and airstrikes.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Snatchers can appear in boss waves in Horde 3.0.
  • If a player is caught by a Snatcher, they will be pulled into the creature and have a limited, blurry field of vision until allied fire releases them. In campaign, if allies take too long to free the player, the Snatcher will escape and the player will suffer an immediate game over. In Horde 3.0, the player will instead die inside the Snatcher.

The glitched HUD of a respawned player.

  • If a player is killed whilst being grabbed by a Snatcher and respawns, or if an ally uses the Team Revive ability whilst the player is still inside a Snatcher, they will have the same blurry field of vision on their HUD as if they were inside a Snatcher. This will remain until the player pauses the game.
  • When a player is grabbed by a Snatcher in Horde 3.0 and killed inside its belly, when the player's remains are spit out, the camera's field of view will become extremely wide for several moments.
  • If a player is revived before a Snatcher can grab them, the Snatcher will growl at its enemies. This allows players to do some damage to it without having it attack back for a brief moment.
  • If a Snatcher walks by the Fabricator while carrying a player holding a teammate's COG tags, the tags will be deposited, assuming the Power cost can be met.
  • Although not common, Snatchers will sometimes leap across incredible distances to a target of interest, especially a downed player.


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