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"I have burrowed deep beneath the Hollow. Devoured rock and mud, gorged on earthen rot. I have glimpsed the mind of our Great God through the acrid vapors of Imulsion. Its immortal, infinite body trembled and all of Sera quaked. I saw the future! All of us, rising from the ashes of this battle! Every mulched limb, every excruciating, lingering wound... Our training for the great war to come. Soon, my blight brothers... conquest and glory!"
—Apostate Skorge.

Ketor Skorge was the High Priest of the Trinity of Worms and later High General of Locust Army.[4] Skorge led the Bloodied Vanguard with Vold RAAM during the Lambent War and assisted him leading the Locust Horde to the surface of Sera to start the Locust War. He was also a member of the Locust Council. After the death of Uzil RAAM during the Lightmass Offensive, Ketor Skorge became the High General of the Locust per the request of Uzil RAAM. Due to the Lightmass Bomb awakening their deity, the Riftworm, Ketor Skorge led an offensive to sink cities on the Jacinto Plateau in order to weaken the base and allow the Locust to sink Jacinto City - causing the surrounding seawater to flood the Hollow and drown the Lambent. However, the human launched a counterattack, Operation: Hollow Storm. The humans were able to invade Nexus, destroy the Riftworm, and kill Ketor Skorge in battle.


Early Life[]

Not much is known about Skorge's early life except he was born in Nexus as a Kantus and brought into the caste system of the Trinity of Worms as an Acoylte. He was taught in the ways of The Trinity of Worms by Ketor Vrol.

Lambent War[]

Apostate in the Trinity[]

By 7 B.E., members of the Locust Horde and various creatures became infected with a parasitic disease known Lambency due to exposure to Imulsion. The Lambent became aggressive and would infect or kill all uninfected life. The epidemic in the Hollow soon became a conflict known as the Lambent War. During the war, Acolyte Skorge spent his early years studying and professing the Trinity of Worms, a polytheistic religion that worshiped three Riftworms responsible for carving out the Hollow and creating life within. Through the Riftworms, they led to the creation of the Sires, which then birthed the Locust Horde. Acolyte Skorge also spent his years leading Locust hunting parties to lure Rockworms out with his chants, allowing the Locust to kill the Rockworms for food.

Under the apprenticeship of Ketor Vrol, Acolyte Skorge pushed the limits of what he could achieve within the church. By inhaling Imulsion fumes, Acolyte Skorge was received "prophetic visions" by connecting to the Hivemind - or the "Rift". His visions showed that the Locust Horde would fall if they continued to fight the Lambent and remain in the Hollow. Because of this "blasphemous" vision, believing the Riftworms would never abandon the Horde and the Hollow was their holy right, Acolyte Skorge was excommunicated from the church and forced to join the Locust army. While continuing to act as an Acolyte and prophet within the army, Skorge also became a soldier to fight the Lambent and connecting with the Rift in order to predict the outcome of each battle. During the war, Skorge joined the Bloodied Vanguard where he met Vold RAAM, the leader of the Bloodied Vanguard. Due to their strength and ruthlessness, Skorge and Vold RAAM become friends and comrades in war.

Battle of the Gorgon Front[]

At the end of the seventh cycle, 0 B.E., the Lambent attacked the Gorgon Front, a major fortress that defended Nexus. While Vold RAAM and the Bloodied Vanguard fought off the millions of Lambent Wretches and Lambent Drudges, Skorge inhaled Imulsion to reach the Rift in order to receive prophetic visions of the battle. Skorge then determined that the Gorgon Front would fall regardless of victory or loss. Vold RAAM, realizing the entire fortress was filled with explosive canisters, retreated with the remaining survivors of the Bloodied Vanguard and ordered Vurl Jermad to open fire on the oncoming Lambent, causing a chain reaction explosion which destroyed the Gorgon Front and the Lambent army - giving victory to the Locust.

Following the battle, Skorge rallied the troops with the prophetic vision that the war will be won in victorious glory. However, Vold RAAM confided in Skorge about his plan to save the Locust Horde. Journeying outside the Hollow to the surface, Vold RAAM showed Skorge a human city during a battle in the Pendulum Wars, and believed that humanity was in a weakened state like them to be fighting each other. Vold RAAM admitted that the Lambent War had gone on too long and will not be successful if they were to stay in the Hollow, and therefore believed they should emerge and conquer the surface to abandon the Hollow to the Lambent. Skorge cautiously reminded him Uzil Sraak could kill them both for even suggesting it, and that fighting humanity would be a battle on both fronts. Vold RAAM was undeterred, and convinced Skorge to trust him, with the latter even offering to convince the Kantus of their plan.

Skorge and Vold RAAM then arrived to the Royal Palace, unannounced, to speak with Queen Myrrah and Locust Council, but Uzil Sraak proceeded to attack Vold RAAM for disobeying orders and staging a coup against his leader, leaving Skorge to take him to safety. Skorge then pondered what Vold RAAM had to gain from trying to fight Uzil Sraak, Vold RAAM revealed that he had not been trying to convince the High General, but rather Queen Myrrah, who he knew had been hiding in the shadows listening to his plans. With their task completed, they returned to their posts, and though Skorge remained skeptical of Vold RAAM's plan, RAAM reminded him that Queen Myrrah cared about her people, and would not take his warning lightly. Suddenly, they and the Bloodied Vanguard were attacked by a Corpser, sent by Uzil Sraak to execute them both. With a team of Grenadiers and Boomers, they were able to kill the Corpser. Realizing the intelligence and armor of the Corpse had been supplied by Ukkon, the head scientist, both Vold RAAM and Skorge realized they had to use drastic measures to convince the Queen that the Lambent War was futile.

Assault on the Temple[]

Skorge was then enlisted in Vold RAAM's plan to give the Lambent a crushing victory to convince Queen Myrrah to evacuate to the surface. By doing so, Vold RAAM went to convince and recruit Vold Karn to abandon his post in the Expansion Hollow and allow the Lambent to attack the Temple of the Trinity. Meanwhile, Skorge was directed to return to the Temple and profess a vision of the Temple being assaulted to Ketor Vrol. Initially blocked by his former Acolytes, Ketor Vrol welcomed Skorge into the Temple and Inner Sanctum - revealing that he knew that Skorge was telling the truth about his visions in the Rift after reading it was accessed before by Ketor Droak. Ketor Vrol also reiterated that he was pressured by the Kantus to excommunicate Skorge for his blasphemous suggestions. However, Skorge had failed to convince Ketor Vrol to aid them and that the Temple would fall to the Lambent.

Upon leaving, a horde of Lambent proceeded to assault the Temple, with a wounded Vold Karn and a few Drones managing to escape. Vold RAAM and a squadron of Boomers arrived and proceeded to bombard and destroy the Lambent. As "predicted", Ketor Vrol realized that Skorge was telling the truth and was convinced to allow Skorge, RAAM, and Karn to attend to the Queen's Council. At the Council, Ketor Vrol spoke on behalf of the validity of Skorge's visions and the tactical approach of Vold RAAM, that the Hollow would fall to the Lambent and the Locust must colonize the surface. Queen Myrrah then demoted Uzil Sraak to Vold and Vold RAAM to Uzil. Later, Skorge was met by Uzil RAAM, who began preparations with Queen Myrrah to invade the surface. Uzil RAAM's first strike would be the human city of Jannermont, and wanted Skorge to join him in battle.

RAAM and Skorge at the start of Emergence Day.

Locust War[]

Emergence Day[]

Skorge then accompanied Uzil RAAM's army into the city of Jannermont, where they managed to overrun and occupy the army base. Using the Rift, Skorge delivered a grim prophecy to Uzil RAAM that he would perish before the end of the war. Uzil RAAM then appointed Skorge as his second-in-command and to become High General in the event of his death. However, Vold Sraak attacked Uzil RAAM out of vengeance, but was executed by RAAM with the help from two Theron Guards with Torque Bows, killing Vold Sraak - as they were prepared following a vision from Skorge of Sraak's treachery. Skorge and Uzil RAAM then continued to slaughter the humans of Jannermont, as they both led the Locust to war on the surface of Sera.

Ketor Skorge leading the Locust Army, fulfilling RAAM’s contingency plan.

Promotion to High General[]

At some point during the war, Ketor Vrol died and Skorge became High Priest of the Locust Horde. As Ketor Skorge, he led both the Locust army and the religious body of the Locust Horde. However, on Gale 11th, 14 A.E., as prophesied, Uzil RAAM died by the hands of Sgt. Marcus Fenix during the Lightmass Offensive, in which the Coalition of Ordered Governments was able to deliver a Lightmass Bomb to the Outer Hollow and destroyed the Kryll and many of the Locust Horde. While suffering a tremendous loss, Ketor Skorge was then promoted to High General of the Locust Army, while still remaining Ketor, and RAAM’s contingency plan was fulfilled.

Shortly after his promotion, the Lightmass Bomb proved to a miracle as it awoke a long-dormant Riftworm. Reaffirming his faith, Ketor Skorge was able to direct the Riftworm. With this force at their disposal, Queen Myrrah began to deliver on the plans given to her by Professor Adam Fenix, to sink Jacinto City and flood the Hollow in order to destroy the Lambent. While unable to destroy the city due to the Jacinto Plateau, they would soon be able by having the Riftworm weaken the base by sinking surrounding cities on the plateau. Ketor Skorge then directed the Riftworm to sink the cities of Tollen and Montevado.

While preparing to sink the city of Ilima, Ketor Skorge began bombarding raids and sieges on Jacinto City in order to weaken their defenses. First, Skorge sent an army to cut off their food supply by attacking the North Gate Agricultural Depot. Later, by taking out the Tollen Dam, many of the cities on the plateau that supplied the Coalition with transport and weapons for the war were without power. Ketor Skorge then led an attack on the Birthing Creche in Jilane to deny further reproduction of humans. Finally, Ketor Skorge led major attacks on Jacinto City to raid their weapons and medical supplies - weakening the humans with no food, medicine, power, or weapons.

Operation: Hollow Storm[]

Battle of Stromson Forest[]

Six months after the Lightmass Bomb, the Coalition of Ordered Governments was made aware of the Locust Horde's return and Ketor Skorge's tactical move to sink Jacinto City. Thus, the Coalition initiated Operation: Hollow Storm by sending thousands of Gears into the Inner Hollow and to destroy the Locust stronghold in the hopes to finally end the Locust War. In order to do so, the Coalition prepared a massive convoy of Assault Derricks, King Ravens, Armored Personnel Carriers, and Centaurs to the nearby city of Landown where the soil was soft enough to deliver the Gears via Grindlifts.

As the Gears traveled from Jacinto City to Landown through Stromson Forest, Ketor Skorge sent a massive army to meet with the convoy. With an aerial attack of Nemacysts mortars and Reavers, King Ravens were destroyed and denied air support for many of the ground forces. Corpsers then opened massive Emergence Holes in the forest to cut the vehicles off as well as deliver hundreds of Locust troops and Brumaks. While the Brumaks destroyed many of the COG vehicles, the Locust troops hijacked the others. Corpsers were then sent to try and destroy the Derricks themselves by pulling them underground. Despite successfully killing hundreds of Gears, the majority of COG forces were able to reach Landown.

Ketor Skorge arriving on the battlefield.

Assault on Landown[]

The COG was able to eradicate the city of Landown of stationed Locust troops since the Fall of Landown in 5 A.E. The Assault Derricks then arrived to the Landown Cemetery to prepare the launch of Gears. However, Ketor Skorge ordered a massive assault on the Gears by opening several Emergence Holes in the graveyard before they could deploy into the Hollow. Many Drones began to set the mortars up while more Drones assaulted the Derricks directly, assisted by dozens of Boomers and air support from Reavers, pinning many Gears down on their Rigs. With Gears manning the Chain Guns, hundreds of Locust died within the first few minutes of the fighting. However, the Gears took casualties too and several Derricks along with their squads perished under the onslaught before the combined firepower of the humans drove the enemy off. After a short, but heavy battle, the Gears were able to enter their Grindlifts and prepare for launch.

A second massive assault then occurred, with Locust reinforcements led by Ketor Skorge attempted to destroy the vehicles and prevent deployment. Ketor Skorge was able to use his Dual Chainsaw Staff to cut a Centuar tank in half. Ketor Skorge then arrived on Rig 314 to prevent Delta-One from deploying. Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago were already in one Grindlift, as were Cpl. Tai Kaliso and Pvt. Benjamin Carmine. Pvt. Dizzy Wallin, the driver of Rig 314, defended Delta by fighting against Ketor Skorge. While Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago were unable to leave their Grindlifts to assist Pvt. Wallin, Cpl. Kaliso was able to leave his Grindlift and assist. Coming from behind, Cpl. Kaliso attempted to chainsaw Ketor Skorge, but was met with the Dual Chainsaw Staff. Ketor Skorge and Cpl. Kaliso then fought in a major Chainsaw Duel, as Cpl. Kaliso ordered Pvt. Wallin to escape.

Sgt. Fenix, Cpl. Santiago, Pvt. Carmine, and Pvt. Wallin were then all deployed into the Inner Hollow, while Ketor Skorge flipped Cpl. Kaliso with his staff and captured him. The other Locust troops then gathered the surviving Gears they had captured as Ketor Skorge chained them together and led them into the Inner Hollow where they boarded a Torture Barge. Ketor Skorge then ordered all, including Cpl. Kaliso, to be processed. Cpl. Kaliso was strung by the flesh of his back on metal hooks and struck with barbed whips until his mind broke and lost his sanity. Ketor Skorge was unable to prevent the majority of the Gears from deploying in the Inner Hollow, but many were still killed and captured, and the Coalition mistakenly deployed in tunnel city, and not Nexus. However, with the Operation underway, Ketor Skorge was compelled to continue his work in weakening the Jacinto Plateau.

Skorge controls the Riftworm.

Sinking of llima[]

With humans in the Inner Hollow, Ketor Skorge was hastened to continue in weakening the Jacinto Plateau. Boarding his Hydra, Ketor Skorge located and began to command the Riftworm to burrow underneath the city of Ilima. Seismic activity beneath the city prompted the Coalition to evacuate Ilima in the event that it too would sink and ordered nearby Gears in the Inner Hollow to investigate the source. Numerous Gears squad witnessed a gargantuan creature tunneling in the walls of the Inner Hollow. Ketor Skorge then completed his work by commanding the Riftworm to burrow at his location. At that point, Delta One witnessed Ketor Skorge and the Riftworm as it sunk Ilima City. With Ilima sunk, the Jacinto Plateau was finally weakened enough for the Riftworm to continue into Jacinto City and sink itself.

Before moving to Jacinto City, however, the Riftworm was commanded to devour the ruins of the Ilima sinkhole as Gears began to infiltrate the area. Among those devoured were Delta Squad. However, as Ketor Skorge led the Riftworm to Jacinto City - the Riftworm emerged to the surface and perished as Delta Squad, surviving being devoured by the Riftworm, managed to traverse its innards and destroy its three hearts - killing the Riftworm. Ketor Skorge then returned to Queen Myrrah with the news. While a devastating blow, the Jacinto Plateau was still weakened enough for the Locust to finish the task without the Riftworm, and thus Queen Myrrah ordered an army of Locust to begin digging a sinkhole in Jacinto City.

Assault on Mount Kadar[]

Meanwhile, Queen Myrrah knew that the Coalition would attempt to locate Nexus through files at the New Hope Research Facility, where the origins of the Locust Horde began and included intel on the relocation of the subjects there to Mount Kadar. Ketor Skorge sent an army to destroy the New Hope Research Facility, as Delta Squad was indeed investigating the facility for intelligence on the Locust Horde. However, Delta Squad managed to secure information from Dr. Niles Samson's personal video journal and began traveling to Mount Kadar. Ketor Skorge then ordered a large battalion of troops and mortar teams to protect the entrance of Nexus through Mount Kadar. Delta was eventually able to pass through their defenses, enter Mount Kadar, and arrive to Nexus where they sent a beacon for the Coalition to begin the second wave of Operation: Hollow Storm.

Ketor Skorge ordered many blights of Locust, among them led by Krav Gurst, to emerge on the surface outside Mount Kadar and defend Nexus from oncoming Assault Derricks intending on sending Gears into the Inner Hollow. While many Gears were killed and Assault Derricks destroyed, the defending Locust were defeated, including the death of Krav Gurst, as the Gears burrowed into Mount Kadar and arrived in Nexus where they began to slaughter the Locust Horde in their home. Ketor Skorge then returned to the Royal Palace at Queen Myrrah's side. Between the humans and Lambent invading Nexus and being so close to destroying Jacinto City, Queen Myrrah and Ketor Skorge knew that day would be the last for Nexus. Queen Myrrah had Ketor Skorge sent blights of Locust to begin evacuation, with others to begin attacking Jacinto City while the others prepared to sink it. Meanwhile, Delta Squad continued on their mission to kill Queen Myrrah.

Ketor Skorge defending Queen Myrrah.

Siege of Nexus Palace[]

Delta Squad arrived to the front gates of the Royal Palace. Despite being met with the Palace Guards, Delta was able to eradicate most of them in the front gates, stables, and command center. Pvt. Augustus Cole began using the Queen's public announcement microphone to deliver a rallying speech and threat to the Queen. Ketor Skorge then went to the command center to eliminate Delta Squad, but overheard their discovery of Professor Adam Fenix's plan to sink Jacinto and flood the Hollow, their plans to sink Jacinto before the Locust evacuate, and that Sgt. Marcus Fenix was the son of Professor Adam Fenix. Ketor Skorge returned to Queen Myrrah with this information and chose to stay and awaited for Delta Squad's arrival to meet Sgt. Fenix.

After Delta was able to clear the entire hall before the throne room, they entered the Queen's chambers as Ketor Skorge kept guard. Queen Myrrah introduced herself to Delta Squad and advised them that the Locust would be successful in destroying the humans and the Lambent by sinking Jacinto City first. While arguing with Sgt. Fenix, she revealed Ketor Skorge informed her of their plans and thus sent an army to distract the Coalition while they finished the task. Queen Myrrah then asked Sgt. Fenix if he truly was the son of Professor Adam Fenix, to which he confirmed. Queen Myrrah admitted she knew him personally and wished Sgt. Fenix had followed his father's footsteps, before ordering Ketor Skorge to destroy Delta Squad.

Ketor Skorge dueling Sgt. Marcus Fenix.

As Queen Myrrah escaped and was followed by Pvt. Cole and Cpl. Baird, Ketor Skorge personally fought Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago. Sgt. Fenix managed to sever Ketor Skorge's staff in half. Ketor Skorge then attacked with Ink Grenades and deploying Tickers, but the Gears evaded them. Sgt. Fenix went hand-to-hand with Ketor Skorge, who then attempted to kill them by knocking down pillars and portions of the roof, but Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago avoided those as well. Ketor Skorge then engaged in a second duel using both portions of his chainsaw staff, Sgt. Fenix was able to destroy the remaining halves of Ketor Skorge's staff. Defeated, Ketor Skorge then summoned his Hydra to retreat.[5]

Queen Myrrah managed to successfully escape via Reaver and evaded Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole. As Delta regrouped at the rear of the palace, the began making their way to the Reaver Pens to make a quick getaway to Jacinto City. However, Ketor Skorge and his Hydra mount returned and attempted to destroy the bridge as Delta crossed. Ketor Skorge failed, however, as Delta was able to board two Reavers and took flight. Ketor Skorge managed to locate Delta's Reavers when they stopped to assist a cornered Gear squad. Ketor Skorge then followed Delta out of Nexus and chased them through the tunnels of the Inner Hollow. Using the Hydra's rockets and attempting to devour them, Ketor Skorge was unsuccessful in destroying Delta's Reavers and was cut off from them when they passed through a smaller tunnel, with the Hydra unable to enter.

Skorge's death after being thrown from his Hydra.


Delta managed to emerge back on the surface near Jacinto City. After a firefight against Locust troops on Reavers through Stromson Forest, Ketor Skorge managed to emerge with his Hydra and once again was in pursuit of Delta. With open space, Ketor Skorge had the Hydra repeatledy grab the Reavers with its tentacles, but Sgt. Fenix was able to shoot each one off and open fire on the Hydra. Ketor Skorge then sped ahead of Delta's Reavers and attempted to destroy them with the Hydra's rockets. After Delta was able to maneuver them, Ketor Skorge then attempted a head-on collision with Sgt. Fenix's Reaver, but he managed to fire the Reaver's rocket into the face of the Hydra. The Hydra was destroyed and Ketor Skorge was sent flying in the air and died instantly when landing on the rocks below.[6]


"He's survived worse. Like Skorge."
Marcus Fenix mentioning Dizzy Wallin.

Marcus would remember Skorge as being one of the most ferocious enemies that he and his squad had ever faced. During the Lambent Pandemic after being contacted by Dizzy that Myrrah was taking Griffin Tower, Marcus reassured his friends that Dizzy would be okay and that he had survived worse, like his encounter with Skorge at Landown.[7] On another occasion, after Delta found Dizzy single-handedly fighting a massive number of Queen's Guard, Dizzy joked that he should've learned his lesson about taking on more than he could handle from fighting Skorge single-handedly. Marcus commented that Dizzy appeared to have learned plenty.[8]

Gears being taken for processing by Ketor Skorge.

Personality and Traits[]

Skorge along with many others of the Locust race were cruel toward Serans. He directed Locust forces to capture and torture Gears and Stranded, and personally saw to the torture of several.

Being the leader of the Kantus, Skorge wore a different helmet and armor than his subordinates. His helmet was more of a headdress, with reddish-brown leather straps (giving him the appearance of dreadlocks), rather than the crown-like helmets the Kantus wear. His armor did not entail the twin bands of cloth of the regular Kantus, but instead consisted of spiked armor plates on his forearms and thighs, giving him a more menacing and monstrous look. He also wore armor on his chest, leaving most of his torso bare.

Skorge also owned a dual-chainsaw staff, that he used to destroy a Centaur tank and to duel with Marcus Fenix in the halls of the Palace.

Appearance Gallery[]

Behind the scenes[]

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Early concept art for Skorge

  • Skorge was voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.
  • Skorge's name is a variation of the word scourge, meaning a person that causes great suffering.
  • To the Locust, Skorge is the equivalent of a pope or other prominent religious figure, where the Kantus are treated as priests and the Riftworms as gods.
  • While in the middle of drawing a new different Locust variation, design artist James Hawkins was told that the design would instead end up being used as a boss named Skorge.[9]
  • Skorge's design was based on the Predator monster.
  • Skorge has a second smaller row of teeth inside his mouth.
  • Skorge was part of the Gears of War 3 HeroClix Toyline.
  • An action figure of Skorge was released in Series Six of the Gears of War action figure line.
  • For his return in Gears of War 4 Multiplayer, The Coalition stated that Skorge’s character model had been rebuilt from the ground upwards to incorporate his Campaign Armour from Gears of War 2.
  • Skorge and RAAM had a close friendship throughout the Gears of War: The Rise of RAAM Comic Series. It was RAAM who chose Skorge to be his successor once he met his demise.

Skorge as he appears in Multiplayer.


  • Skorge is available in Gears of War 2 multiplayer although his character model was altered, instead of having his "regular" body from the campaign they gave him a regular Kantus's body but without the robes that go over their shoulders and back. His body was changed and his size was decreased so his hit box would be the same as the rest of the characters.
  • Skorge replaces RAAM as the Leader for Guardian in Gears of War 2 but is replaced by Queen Myrrah for Gears of War 3.
  • His character model has also been known to cause various physics glitches, such as mortar launching and his "dreadlocks" to flip around. One of the more infamous glitches occurs in Guardian; if Skorge is hit by a Smoke grenade, he will be sent flying at high speeds, which often kills him.
  • If Skorge is used as a meatshield and his neck immediately broken, he will be stuck in a comical position, and can still move around. Skorge's team will not be able to respawn, but he can be killed again. This will make the player who kills him the second time the next leader. He will not have a gun, and can only be killed by gunfire.
  • Skorge is a playable character in Gears of War 4, available in the Skorge Emergence Gear Pack.
  • Skorge was added as a playable multiplayer character to Gears 5 during Operation 5 Hollow Storm as the main Swarm/Locust team character.



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