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The Skirmish on the CNV Clement was a skirmish between the CNV Clement and the Lambent.

Order of Battle[]


After the Sinking of the Harvest and two other trawlers by the Lambent, the mysterious appearance of the Steady Eddie and the disappearance of the Gorasni frigate Nezark, the CNV Clement was sent out with Damon Baird, Augustus Cole and the Zephyr sonar crew of Teodor and Janu in an attempt to locate it using the new side sonar created by Baird with KR Eight-Zero providing aerial support. The search crew finds that the rock formation that the Nezark reported and was detected by the Zephyr gone, but the sea bed apparently changed and are confused. After reporting this, the wreckage of the Nezark is found on the ocean floor with two massive holes in it below the waterline that presumably sank the ship. Moments after finding the wreckage, something was detected coming out of the seabed and Clement surfaced and moved away to be safe. Damon Baird went on deck to see what was coming and was shocked to see a Lambent Stalk and called for his Lancer after polyps started spewing out.


As Clement moved to avoid the stalk, a polyp jumped from it onto the Clement and charged Baird who was in the well of the submarine's bridge. Baird took the polyp out, but it exploded like all Lambent, but seemed to cause no damage to either Baird or the sub. As everyone was discussing the polyps and stalk, a second one popped up, scrapping Clement's bow and causing the sub to roll, although it righted itself. However, this allowed more polyps to get onto the hull and Baird engaged them. Baird, knowing he'd be swarmed if he tried to get back inside, told Commander Garcia to close the hatch and dive to drown the polyps and Gill Gettner to winch him into the Raven. The Clement did an emergency dive, leaving Baird and the polyps on the water's surface with polyps floundering and Baird hooking himself into a sling dropped by the Raven. Baird got himself into the sling and was winched up into the Raven, but a polyp grabbed onto his legs before Baird kicked it off, giving him minor burns. After Baird was safely away, Dom Santiago took out the remaining polyps with the Raven's machine gun.


While recovering from the fight, Delta Squad and the Raven crew watched more stalks pop out of the ocean, heading in one direction. Checking what was on that direction on a map, they discovered the Emerald Spar Imulsion Platform was in that direction and headed off to defend it, calling for help to do so, leading to the Battle of the Emerald Spar Platform.


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