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A Skiff was a post-Locust War era vehicle that harnessed the power of the wind to sail across the open areas. Although the Skiff was a fast vehicle that did not require the fuel to function, it was barely armored and incredibly fragile and the driver and passengers are exposed to the elements. The only equipment that the Skiff had other than its sails was a navigational way-point turret that allowed the user to quickly traverse the map with ease. The weapon racks near the front of the Skiff could carry up to two weapons for emergencies.


Interwar Period[]

The Outsiders' Innovation[]

Following the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon by Adam Fenix, the Lambent was destroyed along with the Imulsion itself that was used as a fuel source by the humans for the past century. While the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments managed to find a new fuel source for their vehicles, Outsiders had to resort to alternative means of transport. The Skiff used a sail to glide along the areas of Sera ranging from the frozen tundra's, to the sandy deserts.

Oscar Diaz owned a Skiff that he used an alternative mode of transport when not riding his wagon pulled by Chuzz. He taught his niece Kait Diaz how to control the Skiff.

Swarm Invasion[]

Search for Answers[]

Following Oscar's death during the Siege of Riftworm Village, Kait, now a Gear in the COG Army, and her close friend and fellow Gear Delmont Walker took possession of her late uncle's Skiff on an unauthorized mission to travel to the New Hope Research Facility.[1] The two later used it to explore Kadar Valley in search to find the hidden Mount Kadar Laboratory, though they had to leave the Skiff behind at the end of paths too impassible for vehicles in order to reach their destinations.[2]

Following the Mission to Mount Kadar Laboratory, Damon Baird, Marcus Fenix and Samantha Byrne arrived in a King Raven Mark 2 to pick up Kait and Del. Del and Baird attached the Skiff by cables to the bottom of the Raven which dragged the Skiff beneath it as it left.[3]

Launching the Hammer of Dawn[]

Sailing the Skiff across Vasgar

A few weeks later, the Skiff was transported to Vasgar along with Delta onboard a Condor. Due to Windflares making it too dangerous to fly across the Vasgari desert, the Skiff was instead used to transport Kait, Del, JD and Fahz throughout the Mission to OZP-11.[4]

The Skiff was ultimately left abandoned outside of the UIR Rocket Hangar as Delta left on the Rocket Transport Train[5] and were then picked up at the UIR Turntable Launch Tower and flown back to New Ephyra by Garron Paduk in a King Raven Mark 2.[6]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The skiff has three positions overall: driver, navigator, and JACK storage. When playing in co-op, all positions must be filled by players in order to operate the skiff.
  • While players can man the navigation station on the front of the skiff, they can only drive it during single player as AI Del will not pilot the skiff and will only man the navigation station.
  • Up to two weapons can be stored on the skiff. All two handed weapon and heavy weapons can be stored. Only handguns and grenades cannot be stored on the skiff.
  • While weapons can be stored, there is a recurring glitch that makes stored weapons disappear after key sections of the campaign are played.


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