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The Sinking of the Coral Star was a small skirmish that occurred when the crew of the Coral Star hauled up a Lambent creature. Sgt.Marcus Fenix and Sgt.Bernadette Mataki attempted to fight the creature, but were unsuccessful and abandoned the boat along with the crew.

Order of Battle[]

Trawling up a Lambent Creature[]

While out fishing with the rest of the trawler fleet, the Coral Star crew began sorting thought their hall when one of the crewmembers discovered a Lambent creature in the net. Sgt.Marcus Fenix ordered the crew to evacuate while he and Sgt.Bernadette Mataki attempted to fight the creature, and Aylmer Gullie and his three crewmembers jumped overboard. The Lambent creature mutated, and began sending tentacles out and wrapping them around anything it could grab. One narrowly missed Bernie, and Marcus ordered her to get off the ship while he got into the wheelhouse and started the engine. Bernie stayed put to cover him, so he tackled her off of the ship and into the water as the boat sped away. The Lambent creature then exploded, destroying the Coral Star, but was far enough away so that no one it the water was injured by the explosion.[1]


The Gears and the crew of the Coral Star were pulled out of the water by the crew and Gears on the Montagnon, and began heading back to Vectes Naval Base. Chairman Richard Prescott was concerned about what the news of Lambent would do to the civilian population, and ordered that all comm traffic be restricted to prevent the spread of the news. However, Col.Victor Hoffman knew that would never work, so he transferred the civilian comm net over onto unused military channels. The civilians in Pelruan were shocked at the news, and wished that it had been Stranded insurgents instead.[2] Marcus and Bernie were debriefed once they returned to VNB, where Major Aleksander Reid was angry with them for not bringing back samples of the creature.[3]


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