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"There it is... the beginning of the end."
"Never thought they'd get to Jacinto."
"Well, I guess it was just a matter of time.
—Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago before entering the Jacinto City sinkhole.

The Sinking of Jacinto City was the turning point in the Locust War. With the Locust Horde suffering from massive losses and a damaged infrastructure from the Lightmass Offensive, the Horde decided that the only way to defeat the Humans and the Lambent was to sink Jacinto City, thereby flooding the entire Hollow with seawater. Using tactical advice given by Professor Adam Fenix, Queen Myrrah commanded Ketor Skorge to use the gargantuan Riftworm to sink cities and military installations on the Jacinto Plateau in order to weaken the granite bedrock and sink Jacinto City. This led the COG to regroup and counterattack with Operation: Hollow Storm. During the two day military operation, thousands of soldiers tunneled into the Inner Hollow and led an all-out assault on the Locust stronghold, Nexus. During the Operation, Sgt. Marcus Fenix of Delta Squad found the files within the Locust Command Center from his father, Professor Adam Fenix, who theorized that sinking the city of Jacinto would cause the surrounding water to fill the Hollows, drowning all life underground. The Locust planned on using this information to destroy the Lambent after they evacuated to the surface. However, Sgt. Fenix proposed sinking the city first before the Locust could evacuate and the majority of the Locust Horde would drown in the sinking of Jacinto City.


The first day of Operation: Hollow Storm was a relative failure for the COG. Despite successfully being able to destroy the Riftworm, the city of Ilima was still lost - causing the Jacinto Plateau to be weakened enough for the Locust Horde to be able to sink Jacinto City on their own, without the Riftworm. Also, the COG failed to locate the true Locust stronghold and eliminate their leader. However, Chairman Richard Prescott declassified the New Hope Research Facility retrieved information on the true location of the Locust Horde, which was where Dr. Niles Samson and his research that created the Locust Horde was relocated to: Mount Kadar. The COG then led another assault at Mount Kadar, which led to the city of Nexus where it held the Locust Queen, Myrrah.

During the Siege of Nexus, Delta Squad, led by Sgt. Marcus Fenix, managed to infiltrate the Royal Palace in an attempt to assassinate Queen Myrrah. While investigating the Palace's control room, Delta discovered that the Locust intended on sinking Jacinto City to flood the Hollow with the surrounding seawater in order to both drown the Lambent and destroy humanity's last stronghold. It was also discovered that the Locust were given this tactic by Professor Adam Fenix for unknown reasons. Sgt. Fenix, believing his father's theory, sent the plans to Coalition High Command and suggested it be an alternative if the assassination failed - but to do so before the Locust evacuate.

The Locust's invasion map of Jacinto.

During this, Ketor Skorge overheard their plans and relayed it to Queen Myrrah. With this knowledge, Queen Myrrah ordered both a mass evacuation of the Hollow and sent her entire army to attack Jacinto City in order to stall them from sinking the city themselves. Delta was able to confront Queen Myrrah but failed to assassinate her, but learned that she had sent her armies to stop the COG from sinking Jacinto. While Delta Squad battled Ketor Skorge in the throne room, Queen Myrrah escaped the Hollow on a Reaver and began to evacuate her people. Delta then boarded the spare Reavers and used them to escape Nexus and reemerge on the surface. Sgt. Fenix then alerted Control that Queen Myrrah managed to escape and has sent her army to destroy Jacinto.

Order of Battle[]

Evacuation of Jacinto[]

"If you want to flood the city, we can handle it. The evacuation's already under way by road, we've got ships on standby, and this is a population that's used to emergency drills. They move when we say move. But that's the easy part. It's winter, and somehow we've got to carry enough equipment and supplies to create a giant refugee camp from scratch in the middle of nowhere, then sustain it for maybe a year. We're going to lose a lot of people, whatever happens. So let's start by accepting that."
Royston Sharle, head of Emergency Management

At 1410, the Locust began to mine tunnels beneath Jacinto to sink it, causing a major sinkhole in the center of the city and allowing them to emerge from within. Chairman Richard Prescott, following the intel given by Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Professor Adam Fenix, authorized a preemptive plan to sink the city before the Locust could evacuate. This was designed not only to flood the Locust tunnels, but also to trap and destroy the Locust Army that had infiltrated the center of Jacinto itself. A mass evacuation of citizens via land, air and sea routes began within the hour and was believed that there was no alternative.

The COG evacuating civilians from Jacinto.

Evacuations by land were issued, as convoys of people escorted by Gears were taken on foot and in COG and civilian vehicles. Other evacuations on the shore were by air and sea - as King Ravens took off into the skies and COG Boats took off into the sea, most of them boarding major ships of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy, such as the CNV Sovereign. However, the Locust began their assault with a massive Reaver and Brumak invasion to destroy the vehicles and aircraft. While underground, the Locust were defending the Inner Hollow by infesting it with Seeders and Nemacysts - as only certain pillars remained that held Jacinto's plateau.

Skirmish Outside Jacinto[]

Delta Squad escaped Nexus and the Inner Hollow on a pair of hijacked Reavers and raced to Jacinto City in order to assist with the evacuation. A squadron of Reavers, however, attacked them in Stromson Forest. While Cpl. Damon Baird and Pvt. Augustus Cole drove their respective Reavers, Sgt. Marcus Fenix and Cpl. Dominic Santiago manned the turrets and rockets. While navigating the forest, Delta also encountered numerous Seeders and Nemacysts attempting to take them down, but were successful in repelling the Locust attack.

However, upon approaching Jacinto City, Ketor Skorge aboard his Hydra mount emerged onto the surface in pursuit of Delta Squad. Ketor Skorge commanded the Hydra to grab Sgt. Fenix's Reaver with its tentacle, but was then shot off by Sgt. Fenix - who then used the turret to shoot the Hydra in its face. Ketor Skorge then flew the Hydra ahead of Delta's Reavers, turned around, flew in reverse, and fired rockets at the two hijacked Reavers. The two were able to avoid the Hydra's rockets, as Pvt. Cole and Cpl. Baird shot their own rockets at the Hydra. Eventually, the Hydra was destroyed and Ketor Skorge fell to his death.

Siege of Wrightman Base[]

Sgt. Fenix defending Wrightman Base.

Delta Squad then approached Wrightman Base during the siege of Jacinto. However, the automated turrets protecting Wrightman Base were targeting Delta's hijacked Reavers. Sgt. Fenix alerted command that the Reavers were manned by Gears and ordered not to shoot, but the turret then shot down Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Cole's Reaver. Lt. Anya Stroud then ordered the guns off, but was too late as Sgt. Fenix crash-landed on the helipad. Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Santiago managed to land safely on the helipad, but their Reaver then went rogue and flew away.

Delta reported to Command, where Col. Victor Hoffman complimented Delta's efforts and Lt. Stroud informed them that they were finalizing the logistics to sink Jacinto while still trying to evacuate the city and Gears from the Hollow. Chairman Richard Prescott then approached Sgt. Fenix and admitted that his father, Professor Adam Fenix, had been correct in his theory to sink Jacinto in order to destroy the Locust rather than use the Hammer of Dawn for the counterattack. Locust forces then breached Wrightman Base, causing a massive explosion. Lt. Stroud alerted their presence, as Delta Squad - joined by Col. Hoffman, went outside to defend the base.

Mission to the Sinkhole[]

Following the attack on Wrightman Base, Delta regrouped for intel back at Command. Lt. Stroud and Chairman Prescott revealed that the sinkhole in the center of the city leads to an underground cavern where the remaining pillars holding Jacinto City still stand - and that targeting them with a strategically placed Lightmass Bomb could cause Jacinto to sink. However, they discovered a Seeder and Nemacyst infestation in the target area, preventing a King Raven from delivering the bomb to the target zone, requiring Delta to clear the target area for a safe landing zone. Sgt. Fenix ordered Cpl. Baird and Pvt. Cole to assist Command while he and Pvt. Santiago headed for the sinkhole to clear the target area.

Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago crossed the street from Wrightman Base to the Archives Building where a massive Locust battalion was stationed. After clearing the front courtyard, atrium, and inner courtyard of Drones, Boomers, Kantuses, Tickers, and Wretches - Delta-One exited the rear of the Archives Building at the parking lot and Cooper Street.

Clearing the Target Area[]

With a hijacked Brumak, Sgt. Fenix and Cpl. Santiago traveled into the underground tunnel to clear the target area. After clearing hundreds of Locust enemies, Delta-One invaded an underground city defended by turrets. After clearing the city entrance, a Corpser emerged from the tunnels to kill the hijacked Brumak - but Delta-One was able to fight and kill the Corpser with the Brumak. Delta then continued through the Locust city and killing hundreds of Locust. Rounding the corner, the Brumak was attacked by an incoming Beast Barge, but was then shot down and fell into an Imulsion lake by Delta.

Delta then entered the target area, as a large underground cavern with three massive pillars in a lake of Imulsion. At each pillar were stationed Seeders launching hundreds of Nemacysts. Delta drove the Brumak into the Imulsion lake and began to destroy the Nemacysts and Seeders by destroying the main pillars. Despite heavy reinforcements of Reaver squadrons, Delta was able to repel the attack, open another sinkhole, and cleared the area to allow for the King Raven to deploy the Lightmass Bomb. However, the Brumak driven by Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago became infected with the Imulsion and destroyed the King Raven carrying the Lightmass Bomb.

Sinking of Jacinto City[]

Cpl. Baird, on another King Raven, picked up Sgt. Fenix and Pvt. Santiago as they escaped the Brumak. Initially defeated with the loss of the Lightmass Bomb, the Brumak began to mutate - growing in size and changing in a grotesque appearance. Cpl. Baird deduced the Brumak had become Lambent, to which Sgt. Fenix realized it was combustible due to the nature of the Lambent - such as the Lambent Wretches that exploded upon death. Sgt. Fenix then appointed the Lambent Brumak as their new bomb.

With the Hammer of Dawn, Delta Squad opened fire on the Lambent Brumak. After three strikes, the Lambent Brumak began to break apart, causing the King Ravens to evacuate while the Hammer of Dawn finished it off. Upon its death, the Imulsion-infected Brumak released supercharged explosion that managed to sink Jacinto. The entire city sunk, and the plateau's wall collapsed - allowing the surrounding seawater to flood the underground cavern and destroy Nexus - drowning anything still within the Inner Hollow. Despite this, many humans died as well. The remainder of humanity were then without a stronghold.



I write this in full knowledge that this record may not survive, but if it does, then I wish our command decisions to be understood by any future generations. At 1410 today, after the Locust began to mine tunnels beneath Jacinto to sink it, Chairman Richard Prescott authorized a preemptive plan to sink the city ourselves. This was designed not only to flood the Locust tunnels, but also to trap and destroy the Locust Army that had infiltrated the center of Jacinto itself. A mass evacuation of citizens via land, air and sea routes began an hour ago. We believe there was no alternative. The Landown assault, in which we engaged the enemy within their own tunnels, resulted in major losses and failed to stop the Locust advance. Members of Delta Squad, under the command of Sergeant M. Fenix, E.S., located the Locust queen, and were made aware that the enemy also planned to create a sinkhole to destroy Jacinto. With insufficient forces to prevent this, we took the view that sinking and flooding the city ourselves, to trap the enemy and drown them within their own tunnels, was our only option, and justified the destruction of our last stronghold. We were unaware until Delta Squad penetrated the enemy command center that the Locust Horde is engaged on a second front underground with another faction of their species, which they call the Lambent and regard as a plague. The Locust plan to flood Jacinto themselves and would have inundated their own positions, and seems to be as much aimed at destroying the Lambent as wiping out humankind. We do not yet fully understand the nature of that conflict, and may never do so. We have been left with no option but to try to inflict massive casualties on Locust forces so that a remnant of humanity can be saved to reconstruct our world. We have some certainty that they will never recover from this blow. Not only do they appear to think flooding will be effective in defeating the Lambent, but records have been found that indicate that the late Professor Fenix believed that flooding would destroy the Locust threat itself. At this stage, we do not know the extent of our own losses; evacuation under these circumstances will inevitably result in high civilian casualties. But the alternative is the extinction of the human race. Chairman Richard Prescott and I are no strangers to this magnitude of decision. Fourteen years ago, we took the decision to deploy the Hammer of Dawn. I cannot speak for his private views, but as a soldier, I am fully aware of the deaths I have on my conscience, and I grieve for every man, woman and child who has paid the price for my actions. If there had been any alternative, I would have fought to the end to take it. Sometimes you can save what you love most only by destroying it. Again, we ask; please forgive us. It was the only way.
—Colonel Victor Hoffman after the sinking of Jacinto city.

With 30% of Jacinto's citizens and Gears lost in the evacuation, High Command decided to move what was left to Port Farrall, an abandoned COG base.[3] Realizing the logistical challenge, a winter environment with the majority of the base rundown and setting a refugee camp up in the cold, the COG decided to look for a new base of operations while dealing with the Locust stragglers and Stranded infiltration of the camp. After finding supplies in the catacombs of the port and destroying all of the feral dogs there, the COG began thinking that the worst was over, with a large quantity of ammo and food discovered.

Unfortunately, the Locust forces attacked the civilians from the very same catacombs, killing many of them at the food center while what was left of the navy was collecting the rest of the Imulsion from Merrenat Naval Base. This eventually forced the COG to move to Vectes, an island on the other side of an abyssal trench where the Locust could not dig to and they are safe from further attacks and could rebuild. While the Locust survived the sinking, the Horde was decimated and degenerated into the Savage Locust while some became the Queen's Guard, serving Queen Myrrah. The Queen's Guard relocated to the Endeavor Naval Shipyard in Halvo Bay.


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