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Players will earn the "That Sinking Feeling" award by completing this level.

Sinking Feeling is the fourth chapter of the second act in Gears of War 2.

Chapter Progression[]

The chapter starts off with Marcus, Dom, and Carmine witnessing a giant worm sinking the city of Ilima, and it seems Skorge is controlling it. As the three proceed farther, a King Raven is damaged and crashes in the sinkhole. They enter the ruins of the city and meet an escaping Stranded. After seeing the stranded stay to the right side of the map and when the two snipers start shooting at you be on the look out for the first collectible in this chapter. It is an Ilima City Help Wanted Ad. More specifically it is between the destroyed car and a cement barrier in the area that overlooks the bridge with the two snipers. As the squad heads to the chopper in order to search for survivors, they get a message from Cole, and encounter heavy Locust resistance from Bloodmounts, Drones and Beast Riders. When they finally reach the downed helicopter, it is evident that there are no survivors. There a huge amount of Locust ambush them. Delta sent out a distress call to squads in the area for help but cancel it once they receive support from Cole, who is seen in a cut-scene chainsawing and frag-tagging a few Drones while the rest of the Locust flee. Cole reveals his entire squad was killed except for Baird and Tanner. After the cutscene a set of COG Tags can be found in the room where you start. COG TAG CSID: 085177-MJ3V5-PB, it is two of two collectibles in this chapter. With that in mind, Delta sets out to rescue Baird and Tanner. They find Tanner's corpse outside one of the Locust pods, and Baird can be heard from inside his. After you get to Baird's pod, a cut-scene will play showing Delta releasing Baird, from which you will get the "Freebaird!" Achievement. Baird then tells the rest of the squad that the Locust were planning to process him. He also tells them that the Locust are transporting prisoners further into the Hollow in Beast Barges. Marcus decides to check out some of these barges to rescue any survivors that may be on them. On one of them, they manage to find Tai. Marcus, happy to see his friend still alive and unaware of the brutal torture he has been through, hands him a Gnasher Shotgun. Marcus then heard Tai cock the shotgun, and turned around to see him pointing it at his own chin. Marcus tried to stop him, but before he could do anything, Tai already pulled the trigger. Upon falling to the ground, all of Delta was able to see the horrifically deep gashes in Tai's back. Marcus then retrieves Tai's COG Tags, before leaving.

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