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"Bunch of idiots, always a hair away from getting themselves killed. So, kind of like Delta."
Damon Baird, describing Sigma Squad to Dominic Santiago after he asked how it was.

Sigma-One[1] was a COG Gear squad that assisted Delta-One when they were ambushed on the way to Montevado. Sigma-One killed a Brumak that was threatening Delta-One before returning to Jacinto.

Sigma-One later took part in Operation: Hollow Storm and the Assault on Landown. It is known that they made it to the Hollow; however the squad was later separated. All of its members, save for Cole and Baird, were killed by the Locust. The surviving members of the squad entered Delta-One. It was later reformed, but it is unknown who was in it.[2]

Known Members[]


Augustus Cole (a.k.a 'The Cole Train')

Current Status: Reassigned

A former professional thrashball star, Augustus Cole modeled himself into one of the COG's ultimate soldiers. As he did in his professional sports career, Cole dives into the action with calculated abandon, keeping an eye on the larger goal; defeating the enemy team.


Damon Baird

Current Status: Reassigned

Battle-hardened, with a knack for mechanical repairs, Damon Baird is a reluctant soldier. Though he believes in the fight for humanity's survival, Baird often voices cynicism about COG society. He feels, "People who trade freedom for security deserve neither".


Current Status: KIA

Tanner was Baird's Grindlift jumpmate. He was captured along with Baird and was found dead next to an open locust prison crate (suggesting he probably put up a fight so the Locust decided to kill him instead). Delta Squad found his corpse, and at first thought that it was Baird. They soon discovered it was Tanner, and had a short memorial for him before moving on to find Baird (right around the corner).


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