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"Watching the UIR's precious Imulsion flow into the Najiko River was one of the great moments of my military career."
Ezra Loomis to Gears & Brains reporter Fredo Carmine

The Siege of Seiden was an engagement between the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the Union of Independent Republics in the Pellesian city of Seiden during the Pendulum Wars. The 4th Ephyra Light Infantry, commanded by Colonel Ezra Loomis, laid siege to the city, during which a lode of freshly delivered Ostrian Imulsion was destroyed, causing the Imulsion to flow into the city's Najiko River. As well as accelerating the break of the siege in favor of the COG, the Imulsion polluted the river, causing a major environmental disaster.[1]

During the Locust War, Fredo Carmine, a reporter for Gears & Brains, interviewed Loomis, who shared details of his victory.[1]



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