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The Siege of Nexus was a siege of the Locust capital of Nexus by both the COG and Lambent.

Order of BattleEdit

The Highway and Work CampsEdit

During Operation Hollow Storm, Delta Squad was able to locate the Locust Capital, Nexus, via the Highway from the entrance of Mount Kadar. Following a clue from the Stranded Chaps, Marcus Fenix and Dom Santiago infiltrated the Locust work camps to try to rescue Dom's missing wife. After fighting off a Locust patrol, Delta located her prison and then had to fight off a massive Locust attack on the site while JACK opened the prison. To their shock, Maria was emaciated, tortured, lobotomized and not able to even recognize her own husband. With no other choice, Dom euthanized Maria and he and Marcus decided to go into Nexus "guns blazing" rather than sneak in.

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"Baird here. There's that glyph for 'queen' and 'Imulsion' again... also see 'Nexus' on there again. These are some kind of plans that indicate an attack on the Locust... but not from above, from below. Sure as hell isn't us attacking from below, so who the hell are these plans referring to? Please tell me it's not worms. I'm so sick of worms."
—Baird on the Locust defense map

After battling Hordes of Drones and Boomers, Delta-One was able to infiltrate the main city and battled across the outer walls of the city. After heavy firefights, Delta was able to deploy JACK's homing beacon which allowed COG troops to deploy via Grindlifts inside the Locust city, which tested the defenses of the city since the city defenses were on the lower levels.[1]

Lambent WarEdit


Delta-One fighting the Locust and Lambent in Nexus.

After easily advancing into the Locust capital, Delta-One and the rest of the Gears discover the Locust are embroiled in a Civil War and it appeared that the Lambent are winning. The Lambent seem to taking hold of the city and have captured one of its outer towers. The Lambent are also in the process of capturing another one when Delta-One enter the city. Delta Squad does not meet as much resistance as they would otherwise have thanks to the Lambent forcing Locust forces to divert their guards elsewhere to stem the tide of Lambent drones.


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