The Siege of Jacinto City or the sinking of Jacinto was the turning point in the Locust War. With the Locust Horde suffering massive losses and a damaged infrastructure from the Lightmass Offensive; the Horde decided to the only way to defeat the Humans was to attack their last bastion of hope: Jacinto City. With Skorge using the Rift Worm to destroy cities and military installations around Jacinto, the Horde was then able to attack North Gate Agricultural Depot and water pipelines, depriving Jacinto of supplies. This lead the COG high command to regroup and make a counter-attack: Operation: Hollow Storm.

Prelude to the SiegeEdit

Premature VictoryEdit

After the Lightmass Offensive, Coalition forces began to drop their guard. Seizing the opportunity, they began much needed repairs on their dwindling resources, and half of the Raven fleet was put in hangars for repair. However, hope of a victory proved premature. The Locust sunk the cities of Tollen and Montevado; then a massive Locust army began taking COG-controlled farmland, and the Stranded's looting had left the COG unable to properly react to the Locust assault. COG forces began to pull back toward Jacinto to prepare for an imminent siege.

Riftworm OffensiveEdit

Both Tollen and Montevado had literally fallen; they had been sunk. These cities were once thought invulnerable due to the thick, impenetrable rock of the Jacinto Plateau being too hard for Locust to breach. With the Locust slowly chipping away at the city's foundation, Jacinto itself was now threatened with the same fate as Tollen and Montevado, leaving Coalition High Command no other choice but to organize a counter-offensive into the Locust heart: The Hollow.

Beginning of the SiegeEdit

Months after the Lightmass Offensive, the Locust began raiding COG-controlled zones and attacking vital facilities, such as the North Gate Agricultural Depot,[8] water pipelines, and Jacinto's main military hospital. After the successful Evacuation of North Gate, Locust troops laid siege to Jacinto City, pushing deeper into the city every day.

Siege and Hollow StormEdit

Urban WarfareEdit

Locust forces entrenched themselves in Jacinto City and began moving into Cooper Street to attack the nearby hospital to raid supplies.[9] The major Locust sinkhole was located near Cooper Street, and the Locust forces were able to move Grinders, Reavers, and Maulers into the area, quickly making it a stronghold. Fighting for Cooper Street cost the Coalition heavy causalities, and led to the fall of Pomeroy Depot. The nearby hospital was hit next, but heavy air support and Delta Squad were able to drive them off.[5]



The COG Army before attacking Landown

Since the Lightmass Offensive failed to kill all the Locust Horde in the Hollows, Coalition High Command theorized that an attack on the Inner Hollows via Landown to destroy the Locust home front would end the war once and for all. COG forces moved out of Jacinto and into the staging grounds for the Assault on Landown, taking heavy losses along the way. Gears managed to capture Landown and enter the Inner Hollows using Grindlifts, thus bringing the Locust War to the Locust themselves.

Who Sinks It First?Edit

Jacinto sinkhole

Sgt. Fenix looks over the Locust sinkhole

During Operation Hollow Storm, Delta Squad discovers the Locust's plans for sinking Jacinto and the Lambent threat to the Locust Horde.[10] High Command theorized from the late Adam Fenix's data that if the COG were to sink Jacinto before the Locust could evacuate the Hollow beneath it, they could destroy the Locust. However, this potential victory would require the sacrifice of humanity's last stronghold.[11]

All Out AttackEdit

The race was now on to see who would sink Jacinto first. Queen Myrrah sent a massive force to destroy any Gears and civilians left in the defense of Jacinto, all around the city the COG fought desperatly against the overwhelming Locust forces and were soon engaged in hand-to-hand combat as the Gears thought they'd have nowhere to go if Jacinto fell, the fighting got pregressively more brutal and the Locust began to gain the upperhand as the King Ravens were mostly evacuating civilians, so the Reavers had a free reign to attack the COG wherever they liked as the anti air guns were either left behind in  Ephrya or under Locust control. The Gears were facing defeat and the Locust just kept on coming, soon the downtown district came under heavy assault as Brumaks were deployed to clear the way for an all out final push on the COG holdouts, The COG downtown consisted of Gears, Centaurs, and the few Ravens the COG could spare. The Locust force at the Downtown firefight was staggering as they had Grinders, Boomers, Drones, Reavers and two Brumaks. It seemed the COG wouldn't be able to hold on to their precarious position of control of the situation. Heavy street-to-street fighting erupted within the city as the Locust, emerging from a massive sink hole, carried out a coordinated attack on the Coalition COM tower from Cooper Street alongside Grapplers on the South platform. Gears in the surrounding streets outside of the COM tower were brutally killed as the Locust pushed forwards using Grinders and Maulers to quickly gain ground and cover the drones and grapplers. At the COM tower the Gears along with Marcus Fenix, Dom Santiago and Col. Hoffman prepared the defenses and held out against a constant stream of Locust forces until two Brumaks arrived, but Sgt Fenix quickly overcame them with mortars. With the attack foiled by Delta Squad and the other Gears, Dom and Marcus commenced a two-man counterattack into the sink hole, leaving Baird and Cole to join them later with a Lightmass bomb on a Raven. Dom and Marcus managed to wipe out large numbers of Locust troops once in the sink hole using a hijacked Brumak.[12]

Jacinto's EndEdit

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The Locust's invasion map of Jacinto.

After making their way directly underneath Jacinto, they used the Brumak's weapons to destroy three underground columns, opening holes in the surface large enough for Ravens to fly in with the Lightmass bomb and recover Dom and Marcus. Losing control of the Brumak as it started to react to the Imulsion, Dom and Marcus escaped onto Baird's Raven, but not before the Brumak knocked the Raven carrying the Lightmass bomb into the Imulsion. With their plan now in ruins, Marcus realizes that the Brumak is turning Lambent, and therefore becoming explosive. With approval from Command, the Ravens circled the Brumak underground while Gears targeted it with the Hammer of Dawn. After several hits on the Lambent Brumak, the Ravens evacuated the Hollow and Jacinto as the Brumak exploded, destroying the city's foundation along with it. Jacinto quickly collapsed, allowing sea water to pour into the Inner Hollows, wiping out the majority of the Locust forces stationed there, as well as the advancing Lambent army.[12]

Mass EvacuationEdit

Ending1--article image

COG evacuating all personnel and civilians from Jacinto.

"If you want to flood the city, we can handle it. The evacuation's already under way by road, we've got ships on standby, and this is a population that's used to emergency drills. They move when we say move. But that's the easy part. It's winter, and somehow we've got to carry enough equipment and supplies to create a giant refugee camp from scratch in the middle of nowhere, then sustain it for maybe a year. We're going to lose a lot of people, whatever happens. So let's start by accepting that."
Royston Sharle, head of Emergency Management

Every single King Raven, ship, and vehicles poured into all exits from Jacinto City in the mass evacuating heading for nowhere.[13] But Chairman Prescott ordered all Coalition forces to head to Port Farrall without Col.Hoffman's knowledge;[14] the Chairman's King Raven landed on the Sovereign, a Helicopter carrier and flagship of the fleet.



I write this in full knowledge that this record may not survive, but if it does, then I wish our command decisions to be understood by any future generations. At 1410 today, after the Locust began to mine tunnels beneath Jacinto to sink it, Chairman Richard Prescott authorized a preemptive plan to sink the city ourselves. This was designed not only to flood the Locust tunnels, but also to trap and destroy the Locust Army that had infiltrated the center of Jacinto itself. A mass evacuation of citizens via land, air and sea routes began an hour ago. We believe there was no alternative. The Landown assault, in which we engaged the enemy within their own tunnels, resulted in major losses and failed to stop the Locust advance. Members of Delta Squad, under the command of Sergeant M. Fenix, E.S., located the Locust queen, and were made aware that the enemy also planned to create a sinkhole to destroy Jacinto. With insufficient forces to prevent this, we took the view that sinking and flooding the city ourselves, to trap the enemy and drown them within their own tunnels, was our only option, and justified the destruction of our last stronghold. We were unaware until Delta Squad penetrated the enemy command center that the Locust Horde is engaged on a second front underground with another faction of their species, which they call the Lambent and regard as a plague. The Locust plan to flood Jacinto themselves and would have inundated their own positions, and seems to be as much aimed at destroying the Lambent as wiping out humankind. We do not yet fully understand the nature of that conflict, and may never do so. We have been left with no option but to try to inflict massive casualties on Locust forces so that a remnant of humanity can be saved to reconstruct our world. We have some certainty that they will never recover from this blow. Not only do they appear to think flooding will be effective in defeating the Lambent, but records have been found that indicate that the late Professor Fenix believed that flooding would destroy the Locust threat itself. At this stage, we do not know the extent of our own losses; evacuation under these circumstances will inevitably result in high civilian casualties. But the alternative is the extinction of the human race. Chairman Richard Prescott and I are no strangers to this magnitude of decision. Fourteen years ago, we took the decision to deploy the Hammer of Dawn. I cannot speak for his private views, but as a soldier, I am fully aware of the deaths I have on my conscience, and I grieve for every man, woman and child who has paid the price for my actions. If there had been any alternative, I would have fought to the end to take it. Sometimes you can save what you love most only by destroying it. Again, we ask; please forgive us. It was the only way.
— Colonel Victor Hoffman after the sinking of Jacinto city.

With 30% of Jacinto's citizens and Gears lost in the evacuation, High Command decided to move what was left to Port Farrall, an abandoned COG base.[4] Realizing the logistical nightmare they were in; a winter environment with the majority of the base rundown and setting up a refugee camp in the cold, the COG decided to look for a new base of operations while dealing with Locust stragglers and Stranded infiltration of the camp. After finding supplies in the catacombs of the port and destroying all the feral dogs there, the COG began thinking the worst was over with a large quantity of ammo and food discovered. Unfortunately Locust forces attacked the civilians from the very same catacombs, killing many of them at the food center, while what was left of the navy was collecting the rest of the Imulsion from Merrenat Naval Base. This eventually forced the COG to move to Vectes, an island on the other side of an abyssal trench where the Locust couldn't dig to and they were thus safe from further attacks and could rebuild.

While the Locust did survive the sinking, the Horde was decimated and degenerated into the Savage Locust while some became the Queen's Guard, serving the last surviving Locust leader, Queen Myrrah.


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