Major Sid Redburn, also called Hunter by his fellow Gears, was a Gear of the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army in the Pendulum Wars and Locust War. Early in his career, he was stationed at the New Hope Research Facility, where children of Imulsion-miners sick with Rustlung were cared for and studied in order to find a cure. However, due to the unethical treatment and experimentation he was ordered to perform on the children, Private Redburn became one of many staff members to whistleblow the operation. The facility was later shut down. Major Redburn then served in combat in the Pendulum Wars and survived the conflict until the Locust War, when the Locust Horde, the descendants of the very children he was forced to torture, emerged from the Hollow and slaughtered billions of humans. Major Redburn then fought during the Locust War. In 1 A.E., he was placed on a mission along with Sgt. Gabriel Diaz to assassinate Ukkon, one of the experiments Major Redburn was familiar with at New Hope and became the Locust Horde's top scientist in creating creatures of mass destruction. Following the assassination of Ukkon, Major Redburn along with comrades in Alpha-Two became Stranded due to Chairman Richard Prescott attempting to kill them after learning about New Hope.


Early LifeEdit

Sid Redburn was born in Tyrus and was raised in the family to become a Gear. His family was well-connected and friends with those in high positions of the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Among them was Colonel Tolman, who had close ties to Chairman Monroe.

Pendulum WarsEdit

Early CareerEdit

Sid Redburn eventually joined the Coalition of Ordered Governments Army as a Gear, with the rank of Private.

Guard of the New Hope Research FacilityEdit

"Long time ago, I got posted to a genetics lab. They were supposed to be curing Rustlung. It went sideways. Instead of going after a cure, the doctors made... monsters. Convinced Chairman Monroe the things had military potential. But they were feral. Mindless. Except for one. Ukkon."
—Major Sid Redburn about his experiences at New Hope.

After serving sometime as Private in the Pendulum Wars, the Coalition High Command offered Private Redburn a "career-making" opportunity that would not only advance his career, but also serve towards helping the greater good. This opportunity was being stationed at the New Hope Research Facility as a guard. Unknown to most of the population, the miners of Imulsion and their families began suffering from a fatal disease known as Rustlung, and the Coalition opened the New Hope Research Facility to house and study the children of Imulsion miners sick with Rustlung in order to find a cure.

Redburn was stationed at the facility, agreeing to the position out of patriotism and heroism. However, the Director of the facility, geneticist Dr. Niles Samson, became less interested in simply finding a cure for Rustlung and instead wanted to evolve humanity into superior, immortal beings with the potential to use them to end the Pendulum Wars. While stationed at New Hope, Redburn was ordered to chain children to their beds, pin them to the floor while scientists tapped their blood, and treat them like prisoners. Dr. Samson then began to mutate the children with the DNA of indigenous creatures of the Hollow, transforming them into Sires.

Most of the Sires were feral, mindless creatures. However, one of the children named Ukkon retained his mental capacity and terrorized the facility. Disturbed by Ukkon and the unethical treatment and experimentation on children, Pvt. Redburn wrote to family friend, Colonel Tolman, to alert Chairman Monroe of the work being done by Niles Samson at New Hope. Unfortunately, the letter was intercepted by New Hope security, and Niles Samson ordered the termination of Private Sid Redburn. Despite this, the New Hope facility was later exposed for its crimes and officially shut down by Chairman Monroe. However, many of the subjects and scientists, including Niles Samson, disappeared before the shutdown and appearing before court for their crimes.

Remainder of WarEdit

Due to his termination because of his attempt to unveil the wrongdoings at New Hope, Pvt. Redburn was pardoned. He then spent the remainder of the Pendulum Wars as Major Redburn, fighting against the Union of Independent Republics. At a certain point in the war, Major Redburn lost his left eye and replaced it with an eye patch. At an advanced age, Major Redburn was able to survive the war and witness the end of the Pendulum Wars after seventy-nine years.

Locust WarEdit

Emergence DayEdit

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, a race of subterranean creatures called the Locust Horde emerged in every major city on Sera to slaughter the human race. This day became known as Emergence Day, the beginning of the Locust War. Within the first twenty-six hours of attack, the Locust Horde managed to massacre 25% of the global population. Major Redburn managed to survive.

However, Major Redburn realized that the Locust were the descendants of the Sires he once was in guard of at New Hope decades before. He realized the truth when among the Locust were Ukkon, who became the Locust Horde's top scientist and geneticist was responsible for the creation of the Locust army's various beasts such as the Corpsers, Brumaks, and Reavers.

Hammer of Dawn StrikesEdit

Within the first year of the Locust War - Chairman Tomas Dalyell died in office and was replaced by his Deputy Chairman Richard Prescott. Chairman Prescott was informed that since Emergence Day, each city the Locust occupied would gain spoils of war and that each were used as a stepping stone to reach Ephyra, one of the last safe places on the planet due to it being almost completely protected by the Jacinto Plateau. With only a limited time to prevent the enemy control, Chairman Prescott ordered that every major city outside of the Jacinto Plateau be destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn.

Assassination of UkkonEdit

Mission to CIC AldairEdit

Nearly at the zero hour, Major Redburn was ordered to recover classified documents about Ukkon from CIC Aldair along with Sergeant Gabriel Diaz, who Major Redburn had extracted from a bunker at the Aldair Army Base with his squad awaiting the Hammer strikes. Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz fought through the Locust-infested city of Aldair and gained access to the CIC. In General Becket's office, Sgt. Diaz was able to locate the classified documents on Ukkon. As they found the documents, however, the Hammer of Dawn Strikes began. While unable to return to the bunker, Pvt. Redburn and Sgt. Diaz found a bank vault to take shelter in.

Moments after Pvt. Redburn and Sgt. Diaz emerged from the bank vault as the city was incinerated. While fighting surviving squads of Locust, the two managed to return the APC. However, upon returning to the Aldair Army Base, they found it destroyed. Not by the Hammer Strikes, but by Locust. Major Redburn was convinced it was Ukkon. Major Redburn then had Sgt. Diaz contact Chairman Prescott about the obtained files. In their contact, Chairman Prescott assigned Sgt. Diaz to assemble a task force with Major Redburn to search for and assassinate Ukkon.

Rescue of Echo-FiveEdit

With Sgt. Diaz's motor pool destroyed, he and Major Redburn began a search for Echo-Five, another mop-up squad stationed in Aldair. Upon driving through the streets, Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz found Marcella Trinh and Tyrone Shephard, two survivors of Echo-Five. The survivors revealed that they were ambushed up the road. Upon returning to the ambush site, they were attacked by Locust squads. After securing the area, they learned that most of Echo-Five was lost, and attacked by a new form of Drone that was full of Imulsion.

Sgt. Diaz realized that Ukkon was destroying the mop-up crews, while Major Redburn discovered that whoever was left of Echo-Five was taken alive by Ukkon. Advising Sgt. Diaz to use the Tac-Com APC to find their location - which Sgt. Diaz was able to find, believing them taken to be processed in Locust Torture Pods. Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz decided to rescue the Echo-Five prisoners without the help of Trinh and Shephard, as they believed they would slow them down.

However, when the Locust spotted Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz arrive, they activated the kill timer on the Torture Pods, with only two in the area while the rest of Echo-Five was killed. Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz then fought their way through the Locust prison guards and were successful in reaching the two Torture Pods and releasing the last two survivors of Echo-Five before they were killed. With only four members from Echo-Five, Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz continued on their personnel recruitment.

Assault on Mikayla's OutpostEdit

Following the rescue of Echo-Five, Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz picked up a distress signal on their Tac-Com from the industrial district of Aldair. Upon arriving, they discovered a group of civilians who had survived the Hammer of Dawn Strikes created an outpost, led by Mikayla Dorn, but were under attack by Locust forces. Major Redburn along with Sgt. Diaz and Echo-Five helped defend the Outpost and rescue a majority of Mikayla's Outpost.

Following the rescue, Mikayla was resentful of the Gears - as she and her group were Stranded, survivors of the Hammer strikes who resented the Coalition for killing civilians and destroying the planet. However, Sgt. Diaz argued that had it not been for them, she and her outpost would've been overrun and offered her people to join them in the fight. Mikayla saw conscripting of civilians as desperate and knew that they were after Ukkon.

She revealed that she knew of Ukkon because of places he regularly visits to scavenge. She offered to show them where if Sgt. Diaz was able to find appropriate parts and repair her Mammoth. Major Redburn and Sgt. Diaz were then successful in retrieving supplies for the Mammoth after fighting through the Locust, and returned to the industrial district where Sgt. Diaz, being from the motor pool, was able to fix the Mammoth to transport her and her people. Mikayla then honored her end of the bargain and escorted them to the warehouse district of Aldair where Ukkon frequented.

Mission: Burning ManticoreEdit
Mission to ClaybourneEdit

Remainder of the Locust WarEdit

Sid Redburn officially abandoned the Coalition along with Gabriel Diaz. However, the two still kept Alpha-Two intact and used Coalition resources, but continued as Stranded trying to take down the Locust Horde and the remainder of Ukkon's army. Gabriel and Reyna would eventually form a romantic relationship during the war, which then ended in 17 A.E. after the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon by Professor Adam Fenix. The weapon destroyed all Imulsion, vaporized the Lambent, and crystallized the Locust Horde. It is unknown what happened to Sid Redburn following the assassination of Ukkon. Due to his advanced age, it is unlikely that he was alive during the reconstruction of the Coalition and the Interwar Period, the Outsider Movement, and the Swarm War.


Intercepted LetterEdit

Colonel Tolman,

I apologize for the protocol breach of writing you directly, but I am praying that as a family friend you can help me with a desperate situation.

When Command offered me a guard position at the New Hope Research Facility, they called it a career-making opportunity: a chance to support research that would cure Rustlung forever. But that's not what's happening here.

I have been ordered to chain the ill to bed frames like prisoners, not patients. I have had to pin down screaming children while lab-coated men with needles tapped their blood and left them to shiver on the floor.

Niles Samson isn't making a cure. He's making... things. I can't say what they are. No one can. But no good can come of it, I promise you.

I beg you, Colonel: Talk to Chairman Monroe. Tell him people are suffering here. Tell him Dr. Samson's gone mad. I can't stand by and watch this any longer.

Private Sid Redburn

Intercepted in mailroom. Get Redburn OUT of here!


Sid Reburn Skill Tree

In Gears Tactics, Sid has the following skills:

Active skills

  • Breach - All enemies within 5 meters gain the Breached status effect. Allies who down or kill Breached enemies gain 1 Action and heal 20% of their Maximum Health.
  • Demoralize - Shoot. If the target is hit, it is interrupted and loses all positive status effects. Does not affect bosses.
  • Distraction (Lv. 1) -
  • Distraction (Lv. 2)
  • Distraction (Lv. 3) - Distraction has its cooldown reduced by 2 turns.
  • Hunker Down (Lv. 1) - Select a target ally in cover. Target gains +40% Evasion. Target may take no Actions this turn.
  • Intimidate (Lv. 1) - Enemies within 10 meters are removed from cover and interrupted.
  • Intimidate (Lv. 2) - Enemies within 10 meters are removed from cover, interrupted and receive +20% Damage this turn.
  • Rage Shot (Lv. 1) - Shoot with a Damage bonus. The Damage bonus is equal to 100% of your missing health to a maximum of 250 Damage.
  • Rage Shot (Lv. 2) - Shoot with a Damage bonus. The Damage bonus is equal to 150% of your missing health to a maximum of 500 Damage.
  • Rally (Lv. 1) - Allies within 8 meters gain Leech for their turn. Units with Leech heal 25% of damage dealt by their Shots.
  • Rally (Lv. 2)
  • Rally (Lv. 3) - Allies within 8 meters gain Leech until the end of your next turn. Units with Leech heal 40% of damage dealt by their Shots.
  • Stand Together - Downed allies within 10 meters are revived. Allies within 10 meters get 50% Damage Reduction until the start of your next turn.

Passive skills

  • Avenger - When an ally takes damage, this unit gets +25% Damage for this turn, for a maximum of 4 stacks. When an ally is downed, this unit gets +1 Action. When an ally dies, this unit gets 3 Actions.
  • Charged Up - When this unit kills an enemy with the Bayonet Charge ability, all of this unit's Skills have their cooldowns reduced by 1 turn.
  • Defensive Bayonet - When this unit kills an enemy with the Bayonet Charge ability, each ally gets 20% Damage Reduction for this turn.
  • Enraged Bayonet - When this unit kills an enemy with the Bayonet Charge ability, this unit gets +20% Damage and 20% Damage Reduction for this turn.
  • Executioner - When this unit shoots enemies with less than 50% remaining health, it gets +30% Damage.
  • Expertise - When within the Effective Range of the equipped weapon, this unit gets +25% Critical Hit Chance.
  • Free Bayonet - When this unit kills an enemy with the Bayonet Charge ability, it gets 1 Action.
  • Hemorrhage - When this unit gets a Critical Hit on an enemy, that enemy receives the Bleed status effect. Units with Bleed receive 200 damage at the beginning of the next 3 turns.
  • Leech - When an enemy is damaged by a shot from this unit, this unit heals for am amount equal to 25% of the damage dealt.
  • Menacing Bayonet - When this unit kills an enemy with Bayonet Charge, all enemies within 7 meters get -20% Accuracy.
  • Regeneration - At the beginning of your turn, this unit heals 10% of its Maximum Health.
  • Self-Revive - When this unit is in the downed state at the beginning of your turn, this unit revives.
  • Squad Regeneration - Effects from this unit's Regeneration Skill are applied to each ally within 5 meters.
  • Survival - When 50% Maximum Health, gain +25% Evasion.

Weapon passive skills

  • Swift - When this weapon takes a Shot, it gets a 5% chance to receive 1 Action. This ability will only trigger once per turn.

Behind the ScenesEdit


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