The Shock Grenade is an electric shock grenade created by the Coalition of Ordered Governments as a non-lethal weapon in protecting COG settlements in the post-Locust War era. Despite being considered non-lethal, it can kill.

Similar to the Incendiary Grenade, the Shock Grenade is an area denial weapon. When triggered, it creates an electrified field that can damage and down enemies fairly quickly. However, unlike the Incendiary Grenade, it doesn't spawn in pairs, nor will it kill enemies in Multiplayer. Like other bolo-style grenades, it can be tagged onto enemies or surfaces to create a proximity mine. If either an enemy or ally is caught in the electrified field, they will act as though they had been stunned by a Smoke Grenade, and will be unable to fire their weapon.

When a Shock Tracker is killed, there is a chance it will drop a Shock Grenade. Shepherd Peace Makers use Shock Grenades in Horde 3.0. This is the only time an enemy A.I. will use them.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • Like the Smoke Grenade, if an enemy has already been downed twice, tagging them with a Shock Grenade or having them inside the electrified field long enough will kill them.