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Shock-Bots are small, flying robots that are spawned from a Shock Trap mine. These minute robots target the nearest enemy in its vicinity, electrocuting them until they die. A single Shock Trap could release several Shock-Bots; the Shock Trap mine itself resembles a miniature Tracker, suggesting similar technology.

A single Shock-Bot is not enough to kill an enemy, instead, repeated shots from several of these robots could swarm, harass and stun an enemy for an opening. These machines do not last long, however, as they would either self-detonate or run out of energy after a minute or so.

Shock-Bots activated.


Behind the Scenes[]

  • The fact that they resemble the Tracker suggests that the Shock Trap and Shock-Bot was a technological evolution that was possibly reverse-engineered by the Outsiders, given it was found in Riftworm Village.
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