Shelt Morgan was a Gear commando in the 26 RTI Special Tactics Group who took part in Operation Leveler.


Preparing for the OperationEdit

While on board the CNV Pomeroy, Morgan joined the rest of the COG commandos and Pesang volunteers in practice runs for the insertion to Aspho Point by dropping into the sea in Marlins carried by a Sea Raven.[2] The day before Operation Leveler, Major Hoffman briefed the strike team, telling that the Operation was a go, and to get some rest before the battle.[3]

Operation LevelerEdit

Morgan was in the Marlin driven by Cho Ligan, and was in charge of Blue Troop during the Operation. They worked their way around the back of the facility, and disabled the buildings radio tower. They then began to plant explosives around the building.[4] When a UIR commando squad approached the building, Morgan and Bai Tak were ordered to go to the rear of the building and ambush them. Morgan spotted three commandos, one of whom Tak killed, while the other two entered the building through the generator room, and entered into a firefight with Morgan.[5] Dom and another Pesanga arrived to help him, but the enemy commandos stayed in cover. Morgan believed they were a diverson, and Hoffman agreed, but ordered him to keep them pinned down.[6] As the extraction began, Morgan helped Ludovic Young set the timmers on the explosives, and carried an wounded Pesanga to Cho's Marlin. However, as they moved away from the shore, a Khimera opened fire on the Marlin, and it began to sink.[7] Morgan was thrown from the boat into the water, and Hoffman attempted to pull him from the water.[8] He was unsuccessful, and Morgan's body was lost at sea.[9]


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