"Shavad had the same elegant, tree-lined avenues and fountain-filled squares as the Tyran capital, the same colonnaded public buildings. The style was more oriental and exotic, but the city was the heart of a modern province where people liked shopping and theaters and clean trains that ran on time."
—Captain Adam Fenix[1]

Shavad was a large city in south-western Kashkur that saw heavy fighting when the Union of Independent Republics invaded the country in the 62nd year of the Pendulum Wars.


Battle of ShavadEdit

When Shavad was attacked by Indie forces, Kashkuri troops evacuated the citizens while elements of the COG Army's 6th Brigade defended the city. Some of the heaviest fighting occurred in Gorlian Square, where Indie soldiers had set up observation posts in a museum that allowed them to call fire down on COG positions and hit them with sniper and mortar fire. Howerd Company attempted to hold Gorlian Square, and even managed to clear out the museum, but the Sherrith Cavalry failed to hold a vital bridge, forcing the COG to fall back out of the city and leave it in Indie hands.[2]

Notable LocationsEdit


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