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A Settlement, with the central tower visible

"Settlements are the future."
First Minister Dyer, in The New Ephyran newspaper

Settlements were planned habitation centers constructed by the restored Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era and managed by the Ministry of Settlements. The Settlement program was envisioned as a replacement for the old, war-torn cities and towns of Sera, as the weary survivors of the Locust War desired to rebuild human civilization anew. All Settlements were loosely modeled on the new COG capital of New Ephyra, but were much smaller in size.


Built in mere weeks by a massive, automated labor force of DeeBees from DB Industries, Settlements included residential districts, eateries, shopping districts, at least one hospital, and a central control tower which stored the Settlement's Fabricator and complement of DeeBees. The new environmental threat of Windflares was also accounted for in the design: Windwalls helped protect against the worst of the Windflares, and in the event those failed, Settlement residents could retreat to spacious shelters.

Settlements were constructed outward from the central tower in a circular pattern, with the completed layout resembling the COG gear symbol. There were at least eight districts: the Central District, an Entertainment District, a Financial District, a Medical District, four Residential Districts (designated A, B, C, and D), and the Water District. When a Settlement was finished and ready for habitation, it would accept a small seed population of COG citizens; some 730 residents were assigned to Settlement 5 as its construction neared the final stages.

DeeBee units filled most essential civic functions, such as groundskeepers, trash collectors, and police, freeing the human residents from the necessity of labor. Settlements were often targeted for raiding by the Outsiders faction in order to obtain otherwise unobtainable resources for their own villages.

As of 42 A.E., the first four Settlements had been completed and were occupied by COG citizens. Settlement 5 was in its final stages of construction, and a prep-camp had been erected at the future site of Settlement 6.

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