"We used to command DeeBees, remember?"
"Oh yeah? Like at Settlement 2?
—Former Lt. James Dominic Fenix arguing about the massacre with Oscar Diaz.

The Settlement 2 Protest Massacre was an incident that occurred in 42 A.E., roughly six months before the start of the Swarm War.

Order of BattleEdit

Civil disobedienceEdit

A protest broke out in Settlement 2 against the Coalition of Ordered Governments, which some residents of Settlement 2 felt was enforcing heavy-handed laws and displaying favoritism towards New Ephyra rather than allowing the Settlements to develop their own culture and independence as the COG had promised. Lieutenants James Dominic Fenix and Delmont Walker were dispatched under First Lieutenant Fahz Chutani with squads of DeeBees armed with lethal ammunition to monitor the growing protest and provide security.


The protest soon escalated to violent clashes between the civilians and Gears. The protesters began assaulting the soldiers and throwing incendiary devices. One protestor managed to break 1st Lt. Chutani's nose. With the situation spiraling out of control, Lt. Fenix then ordered his DeeBees to shoot the protesters on sight. Lt. Chutani repeated the command with his own DeeBees, but Lt. Walker kept his squad under control and assumed the higher-ranking Chutani was the one who gave the order to open fire.

Multiple civilians were killed by the DeeBees. Although Chutani was satisfied that the right call had been made and the use of lethal force had been justified due to the danger posed by the rioting protestors, Fenix and Walker regretted the incident and deserted to join the Outsiders.


After the incident, an official memorial for the dead was erected by the local government as an apology, but this did little to dispel the resentment many citizens had for the COG despite their return to compliance with its laws. The massacre solidified their view that the restored COG had all too quickly become aloof and authoritarian.

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