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"You looking for a repeat of Settlement 2?"
"A highly successful operation. It's now our most compliant settlement.
JD Fenix and Mina Jinn, during their meeting in Settlement 5

Settlement 2 was a settlement constructed by the newly reformed Coalition of Ordered Governments in the post-Locust War era. Settlement 2 was often used during the Outsider Movement as an example by leaders on either side in an attempt to intimidate one side into backing down. The anniversary of the opening of Settlement 2 is a holiday referred to as "Settler's Day" and is celebrated by a film festival called the Festival of Cinema.


Settlement 2 was founded in 22 A.E., 5 years after Victory Day. In 42 A.E., the COG forces violently supressed a riot when some of the protesters started throwing incendiary bombs towards the soldiers. That event caused two of the involved Gears - James Dominic Fenix and Delmont Walker to desert from the COG and join Reyna Diaz's community of Outsiders living at Fort Umson. Following the massacre, public order within Settlement 2 drastically increased.

Roughly six months after the protest was crushed, the COG found itself at war with the Swarm, a race of creatures led by evolved Locust that emerged from Hives located in Locust burial sites. Once reports of activity in a mass grave situated close to Settlement 2 reached New Ephyra, First Minister Mina Jinn ordered evacuation of the Settlement's population. Before the evacuation was completed, an enormous Swarm horde invaded the city. In response, Jinn sent a force consisting of the 4th Infantry Division and Delta-One to the Settlement with the objectives of relieving the COG forces and civilians trapped in the Settlement and helping with finishing the evacuation. Once the reinforcements reached the besieged city, a large battle followed. After a few hours of fighting, the evacuation was nearly completed. As Delta was preparing to evacuate with the evacuation convoy led by Elizabeth Carmine, a large force of Drones and Swarmaks ambushed the convoy. Damon Baird fired the recently launched Hammer of Dawn satellite in order to save ambushed Gears and civilians. Following initial success, Baird lost control of the satellite, resulting in the destruction of the convoy. With heavy military and civilian causalities, the COG forces withdrew from the city, making Settlement 2 the first COG settlement lost during the Swarm War.[1]

What wasn't destroyed in Settlement 2 by the Swarm was lost to the Hammer of Dawn as it continued firing until it eventually stopped on its own.[2]

Known Locations[]

Behind the scenes[]

  • District, one of the multiplayer maps featured in Gears 5 is set in Settlement 2.