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The Cerano Cephalopod is an incredibly vicious looking cephalopod found in the deepest parts of the Serano Ocean: the midnight zone.

These cephalopods have a hard, armored, chitinous shell that protects the cephalopod from predators such as the Armored Shark. Its rounded body has made the cephalopod poor in escaping through speed, instead, it has four funnels around its body which makes it highly maneuverable.

As they live in the midnight zone, the Serano Cephalopod has six, large eyes to see through the faintest light and shadow to locate both predator and prey. It is armed not only with a savage pair of teeth (unlike the beak of regular cephalopods), but also ten whip-like tentacles. These tentacles lack the suction cups of normal cephalopods, rather it is long and thin, with the end being hooked and barbed. This allows the cephalopod to literally whiplash its prey, stunning them and then using the hooks to pull it into its maw.

Taxidermed models of these fishes are found in the aquariums of the Natural History Museum.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Serano Cephalopod resembles that of a nautilus, albeit larger and more predatory.


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