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The Serano Blowfish is a type of large blowfish found in the Serano Ocean. These fishes share the same peculiarity as the Armored Shark, which is the presence of a heavily modified gaping maw. The mandible of the fish has been completely degenerated, with the orifice becoming comically enlarged and filled with teeth.

Unlike most blowfish that eat crustaceans and shellfish, the Serano Blowfish eats other fishes. Moreover, the Serano Fish is perpetually inflated, which maybe owed to the fact of its overly enlarged maw. The fish is protected by erected spines around its inflated body, making it hard and painful for predators to swallow.

The presence of six 'feelers' or 'whiskers' surrounding the maw could be a lure/bait to attract prey via bioluminescence. This heavily suggests that the Serano Blowfish occupy the midnight zone where no light could penetrate. It is support by its maw, which indicates suction feeding and its short fins which highlight poor mobility.

Taxidermed models of these fishes are found in the aquariums of the Natural History Museum.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The presence of the lures bares similarity with anglerfishes.


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