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The Second Mission to Merrenat Naval Base was a scouting mission for anything of value in the catacombs of the Merrenat Naval Base. The base was designed to survive a UIR attack in the Pendulum Wars and had vast reverses in it's underground departments. These supplies ranged from 50 year old Lancer rounds to food rations. A pack of feral dogs also resided here, presumably feeding off of the rations.


In the days after the sinking of Jacinto City, the remnants of the COG settled in the ruined city of Port Farrall.[2] Without sufficient resources in Port Farrall, the COG sent a squad of Gears to recover what was left of the Imulsion stockpile.[1] They did not enter the debts of the Naval Base. With the COG needing any and all resources that they could find, they received word about an old armory from Quentin Michaelson.[3]

Entering the catacombs[]

"We couldn't be that lucky"
—Dom on finding Lancer ammo and rations

With Delta landing at Dry Dock C, they entered the catacombs of the old port. After hitting bottled doors, Marcus brought the idea up that they should have taken Jack. Delta was able to open the door to find a room full of wooden boxes with 50 year old Lancer rounds still in prime condition. Baird was able to find another room with dry rations. But, the short celebration ended with the feral dogs attacking the Gears. A pack of 20 dogs began hitting and running the Gears inside the catacombs, but the Gears are able to fight the pack off and only got minor cuts.[4]


With the catacombs cleared of any Locust threats, the COG discovered large amounts of Lancer rounds, high-energy crackers, antiseptic liquid, field dressings, sterile scalpels, painkillers and large amounts of other medical drugs, but the only problem was that it was old.[5] The COG Loadmasters are able to bring the vehicles in and move the much needed supplies from underground and give it to the remaining civilian population and Gears while making Chairman Prescott smile for the first time in years.


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