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Seahorse Hills was a suburb of Halvo Bay, built upon earthquake-prone limestone cliffs.[1] It is an area full of large mansion-like estates owned by the rich and powerful.


Locust War[]

Destruction of Halvo Bay[]

Kilo Squad visited Seahorse Hills in search of Kurt Elliott's mansion in order to obtain the launch codes for the Lightmass Missile.

After leaving the Halvo Bay Military Academy, Kilo Squad made their way to Seahorse Hills, a rich neighborhood located in Halvo Bay. The COG army tried to evacuate all the civilians but they were overrun by the Locust. Inside Amador Park, Kilo Squad ran out of ammo but found Gnashers and Sawed-Off Shotguns that belonged to a wealthy citizen's personal armory. Moving up the street in Amador Park, Kilo ran into a group of Locusts that came charging at them. The Gears of Kilo Squad had to move in close with their shotguns to take out the Locust in close range combat. The Locust in the end were no match for the Gears. Making their way through the area, the Gears took out mortar teams shelling Professor Elliot's mansion, which had its own defense systems. Knowing they couldn't get past the systems themselves, the Gears took an alternate route to the mansion, taking out the three mortar teams along the way. Finally, Kilo Squad reached the secret entrance which Sofia knew about due to her relationship with the Professor. Entering the mansion, the team found Elliot dead, having committed suicide, and set Troy to work on cracking the mainframe to get the launch codes for the missile. Unfortunately, hacking in caused the defense systems to go off-line, allowing the Locust to breach the mansion. Kilo was forced to defend the inside of the mansion and Troy from repeated waves of Locust troops while the bot tried to get the codes. Finally, after killing many Locust, including a Berserker, the attacks stopped and Troy got the needed codes. With the codes, Kilo left for Onyx Point to arm the missile.

Lambent Pandemic[]

After Garron Paduk's Imulsion platform became overrun by Formers, the survivors relocated to Seahorse Hills and sent a King Raven to rescue him after he and his former team sent a flare into the sky. It is presumed that after taking Cole and Baird to their ship, Paduk went to regroup with his comrades.