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The Seabass Model[citation needed] is a class of submarines operated by the Coalition of Ordered Governments Navy. This model of ships were also used by special operations forces during the Pendulum Wars.

At roughly at 80-84 ft in length, the Seabass Model were midget subs meant to scout and harass enemy naval vessels whilst performing covert-ops in underwater environments. Despite its small size, the Seabass Model was surprisingly well armed, carrying four double-barrelled Flechette Guns and multiple torpedo tubes. The Flachette Guns were capable of firing explosive darts, making it lethal against light seacrafts and personnel. The only known submarine of this class is the CNV Adamant.


Pendulum Wars[]

The Seabass Model were midget subs that performed their duty as specialized marine vehicles meant for covert-operations behind UIR maritime territories. Its small size allows the Seabass Model to hide in places which would be impossible for conventional submarines.

Locust War[]

During the Locust War, at least one Seabass Model remain in operation, albeit abandoned, during the climax of the conflict. This Seabass Model was the CNV Adamant and it was crucial for Delta Squad to dive underneath the Maelstrom of Azura.

Known Submarines[]


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