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Screamers were a variation of Swarm Juvies. Seemingly malformed, if a Screamer was released from its pod, it would release a piercing screech that would rupture all other pods in the vicinity, likely freeing a pack of Juvies to overwhelm the perpetrator.


Since Screamers aren't proper enemies, they aren't fought. However, to avoid releasing a Screamer and thus awakening additional Juvies, avoid popping as many pods as possible.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Screamers are limbless and incapable of attacking the player, and actually die after emitting their eponymous scream, as if they were too underdeveloped to exist outside their pod yet.
  • Screamers only appear in the campaign.
  • Strangely, though Screamers are presumably an underdeveloped or malformed Juvie, their facial structure is vastly different - their jaws run vertically down the middle of the face, as seen during the first Screamer cutscene in Gears of War 4. This might indicate that instead of being a malformed Juvie, the Screamer is a deliberately-grown organism, presumably for aiding in the defense of Hives.


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