Scions were former Locust and leaders of the Swarm. Larger and stronger than Drones, they wielded heavy weapons and possessed the ability to empower and rally their subordinates by emitting a strange gas.



Following the detonation of the Imulsion Countermeasure and the presumed extinction of the Locust in 17 A.E., indestructible crystals started to form around their bodies, creating Locust Shells. With no way of destroying them, humanity committed the bodies to mass burial sites, believing their long nightmare was over. But the weapon hadn't killed the Locust, and instead mutated them, putting them in a state of prolonged metamorphosis.

Swarm WarEdit

Twenty five years later, in 42 A.E., the first Scions began to emerge from their crystalline shells. Intending to build an army,[1] they began abducting humans and putting them inside pods, linking them to the Swarm hive mind and gradually reshaping them into Juvies.

A unique Scion known as the Speaker from the Tollen Dam Hive led the raid on the Outsider village run by Reyna Diaz. While Reyna briefly held her own against the Scion, managing to sever one of his hands, she was ultimately subdued and kidnapped, along with the rest of her village, with the exception of JD Fenix, Delmont Walker, and Kait Diaz. The Speaker's severed hand and the crystals upon it would drive the young trio to seek JD's father, Marcus Fenix, in search of answers.

Later that night, when JD, Del, and Kait descended into the osmium mine underneath Fort Reval in pursuit of a Snatcher that had taken Marcus, they came across numerous Locust Shells, and upon inspecting several that were broken, were attacked by a Scion. The three would combat more Scions as they pushed deeper into the mine. Marcus, after being rescued by the group, explained that when he was podded, he was connected to the Swarm hive mind and learned the truth about the Locust and their evolution into the Swarm.

As the Swarm War began in earnest, the COG began encountering an elite class of Scions called Wardens. They were more heavily armored than a typical Scion and specialized in melee combat, in which they wielded dual Breaker Maces. According to Del, the presence of a Warden often meant that the Swarm was scouting a location to become a new Hive. A number of Wardens were encountered and killed by Kait and Del in Kadar Valley, and by Delta-One in Vasgar and during the Battle of Old Ephyra.


Scions are the deadliest of all humanoid Swarm due to their heavy weaponry, high health, and ability to rally nearby Drones, increasing their armor and damage output, as well as reviving any DBNO Drones. Such empowered Drones have a faint glow about them. Fortunately, Scions move slowly and their size makes them easy to pick out and target. Their bulk prevents them from entering cover (they can vault over it), but they can't be chainsawed or bayonet charged either. You can briefly stagger Scions by inflicting enough damage to them.

There are two ways of going about dealing with a Scion. You can quickly kill all of the Drones in the area so the Scion has no allies to upgrade, or you can focus your firepower and drop the Scion as soon as possible. Ideally, you'll kill the Scion before it empowers any Drones; if that happens, though, killing it will not revert the Drones.

Scions are vulnerable while they're rallying nearby Drones. Watch the Scion to stomp its foot and slowly raise its fist in a cloud of gas, accompanied by a loud hum. It's stationary during the process and can't retaliate in any way, so open fire.

Because all Scions have the same amount of health, regardless of class, they should be dealt with according to what weapon they're using. Scion Dropshots are your top priority, as they're extremely accurate with their weapon and can force you out of cover (they can even headshot you if you're too stationary, such as when using a turret). Scion Boomshots are next (if you're in Horde), followed by Scion Mulchers, then Buzzkills. Don't underestimate these latter two classes, however; their weapons can still inflict heavy damage to a careless player or pin you down while other Swarm rush your position. You can identify each Scion class by what they shout:

  • Boomshots: "Firing!"
  • Buzzkill: "Shredder!"
  • Dropshot: "Launching!"
  • Mulchers: "Suppressing!"

Unlike the Boomers of the past, Scions don't always preface their attacks with a phrase, so you can't solely rely on auditory clues when fighting them.

Scions are capable of melee, and can execute a downed player by picking them up and crushing their head.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The word scion means descendant, especially of a notable family.
  • According to the Gears of War 4: Collector's Edition Guide, the "gas" that Scions emit when rallying Drones is actually Osmium dust.[2]
  • Scion Mulchers wear modified Theron helmets, while Scion Buzzkills have a Boomshield strapped to their back. These are purely cosmetic and do not provide any extra protection from gunfire.
  • Scion Boomshots only appear in the campaign in the level Gate Crashers, and are otherwise encountered in Horde mode.
  • A Scion, Armored Scion, Scion Elite, and Heavy Scion are unlockable characters for the Swarm in Gears of War 4 multiplayer. The Scion Elite shares the same model with the Scion Buzzkill in Horde and the Speaker from the campaign, and represents the Swarm Leader in Guardian. The Heavy Scion is only available in the Heavy Scion Gear Pack



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  2. Gears of War 4: Collector's Edition Guide, page 111
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