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The Savage Hunter is a class of Locust multiplayer character for Gears of War 3 equipped with an animal skin mask, the Savage Hunter makes his presence known on the battlefield.


Despite the disbandment of the Hunters in favor of Grenadiers, the Savage Locusts, due to either desperation or lack of coherent command structure, led to the return of the Hunter assassins.

They are one of the most vicious and degenerate looking Locusts out there, even amongst the standards of the Savage Locusts. They sport large fangs and resemble more like a snake than they do a Locust.


The Savage Hunter is an elite troop, primarily used to track down the hiding gears and humans of Sera. Hunters are bred for one reason, and they do not relent. It doesn't matter that they're abandoned to the Deadlands. You still can't hide from them. Eventually, they will find you. Known for their habit of finding humans relentlessly, they are not to be messed with.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Savage Hunter was originally named the Savage Marauder and was meant to be playable as part of the Fenix Rising DLC pack until that was changed and the character was removed and replaced with the Savage Creeper which is now named by the Savage Marauder.


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