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The Sarftuth countryside with the town of Senio in the distance.

"He always wants to take a leak. It's cold enough here freeze the balls off Embrys statue."
—Marcus Fenix on the Sarfuth winter.[1]

The nation of Sarfuth was member-state of the Coalition of Ordered Governments, and housed important Imulsion pipelines as well as a major Imulsion facility in Denava. This strategic importance invited many cross-border conflicts with UIR saboteurs hiding in neutral Maranday.


The Gralia raid[]

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In the 62nd year of the Pendulum War, UIR forces in Lauczi where sending troops to the Maigar Pass to attack Sarfuth. Captain Hoffman was able to gather a squad of Gears and Pesang to attack a radar station in Lauczi to help the COG counter the UIR advanced. Hoffman and his team infiltrated Maranday a neutral country that failed to stop the UIR from using their borders to attack Sarfuth. Hoffman was able to infiltrate Maranday and Lauczi and destroyed the radar station but killed three Maranday border guards.[2]

Sarfuth-Maranday Border Incident[]

Three years before Emergence Day,[3] Marcus Fenix and Carlos Santiago were stationed with C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry in Sarfuth to protect the pipelines along the border with Maranday. Sniper team Three-Zero spotted a man approaching the pipeline on a bike, and believed he was a saboteur. Marcus and Carlos chased down and killed the man, but crossed the border into Maranday during the chase.[4] The Gears took the body back over the border and back to their base.[5]

Known Cities and Locations[]

Known Military Bases[]


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