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Sappers, also known as 'wrenches',[1] were members of the COG Engineering Corps. They serve as combat engineers, and are also responsible for maintaining military equipment and installations (such as the North Gate Agricultural Depot).[2] In the Post E-Day Sera, they are fed less than Gears and do not get the 3 rations a day.


Pendulum Wars[]

Sappers specialized in combat engineering and maintaining COG machinery and weapons during the Pendulum Wars. Moreover, they were also well equipped to do demolition operations and other duties requiring the destruction of UIR critical infrastructures such as Imulsion pipelines, cables and etc.

Locust War[]

Throughout the Locust War, these Sappers eventually were relocated into the Motor Pools to maintain the COG's war machines. Gabriel Diaz was a Seargent and lead Sapper for the Ephyra Motor Pool team.[3] Due to their unorthodox nature and lack of intelligence regarding the infrastructure of the Locust Horde, the role of the Sappers have been greatly reduced despite their importance in the ongoing maintenance of the Coalition's war industry. It is unknown whether Sappers regained their overall importance after the Lightmass Offensive.


Sappers in the Motor Pool.

Little is known about the Sappers other than the fact that they have extensive knowledge in machinery maintenance, as well as demolition equipment. Sappers wore either normal Trooper Armor or the heavier Destroyer Armor depending on their job.[4] Those who simply maintain vehicles wore Trooper Armor whilst those involving in warzones and demolitions wore either Destroyer Armor or Ranger Armor. Gabriel Diaz wore a heavier variant of the Ranger Armor during his time in the Motor Pool whilst Sid Redburn wore Destroyer Armor despite not being part of the Engineering Corps; rather, due to the fact that he handles heavy weapons.

The only clear workhorse equipment that the Sappers were known to utilize, was their ubiquitous use of the Mechanical Loader, of which the machine is the forefront of the COG Engineering Corps' logo, as well as the Cargo Truck, for fast heavy transport of equipment. Due to the Loader's enhanced artificial musculature, a Sapper could carry heavy equipment with relative ease, as such, the Loader was a strategic logistical machine for these Sappers.



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