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Sandswept Troopers are soldiers coming from the specialized UIR Sandswept branch. They are trained specifically in desert operations, but could also be utilized in other like-minded hazardous environments of either high heat or humidity, such as rainforests and savannas. [1]


Pendulum Wars[]

Due to their specialized role, Sandswept Troopers were most likely present during the UIR invasion and occupation of Vasgar, where the red dunes and harsh winds of the resource-poor nation-state proved to be a burden for regular Indies. A Sandswept unit called the 11th Sandswept Unit was one of the better known divisions.

Infantry Equipment[]

As they dealt with harsh desert environments, Sandswept Troopers wore lighter armor which trades overall protection for better heat dispersion. All Sandswept Troopers wore ponchos for better heat insulation and dispersion. They were given additional ammo pouches and gear to better survive in arid and dry environments for a longer duration. All Sandswept Troopers can be armed with a multitude of UIR weapons.

Behind the scenes[]

  • The UIR writing on the unit patch of the UIR Sandswept shoulders reads 11th Sandswept Unit, Death Under the Dunes.[2]
  • Their armour is meant to appear more light weight compared to the standard UIR soldiers to allow them extra mobility.[3]
  • The UIR Sandswept first appeared in Gears 5 multiplayer as an alternate character skin for the UIR Soldier during Operation 6, April 2021.


  • Gears 5 (First appearance) (Multiplayer only)


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