STAN was the JACK of Delta-One during the Mission to Montevado.



STAN severely damaged after being crushed by debris.

Mission to MontevadoEdit

It was upgraded by Dr.Polanski with a flat screen for personal communication with Gears on the ground and the CIC. STAN was assigned to Delta-One when it was sent to investigate seismic activity in the city of Montevado.[1] During the fly over of the Dorado Hills, Delta's King Raven was shot down, but STAN survived with his cloaking ability intact.[2] However, after Delta entered the city, STAN was destroyed when the city sank into the ground, and it was crushed by debris.[3]

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • Michael Barrick had a hard time remembering STAN's name, sometimes he would even accidentally call him JACK.[4]


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