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"If you want to flood the city, we can handle it. The evacuation's already under way by road, we've got ships on standby, and this is a population that's used to emergency drills. They move when we say move. But that's the easy part. It's winter, and somehow we've got to carry enough equipment and supplies to create a giant refugee camp from scratch in the middle of nowhere, then sustain it for maybe a year. We're going to lose a lot of people, whatever happens. So let's start by accepting that."
—Royston Sharle, head of Emergency Management

Royston Sharle was the head of the Emergency Management in the post-Emergence Day Coalition of Ordered Governments. He masterminded the evacuation of Jacinto City during its siege and setting up the refugee camp at Port Farrall. After the COG moved to Vectes, Sharle was in charge of managing the COG's resources and allocating personel. When the Lambent Pandemic threatened to overrun the island, Sharle helped the COG command staff plan the evacuation of the island and division of Gears and civilians amongst several mainland communities.


Pendulum WarsEdit

During the Pendulum Wars, Sharle served in the COG Navy.[2]


Evacuation of JacintoEdit

Sharle directed the evacuation of Jacinto City when the Coalition of Ordered Governments planned to sink it to flood the Hollow in an attempt to defeat the Locust.[1]

Port FarrallEdit

"I can't tell you exactly how many citizens we have here, sir, or who they are, because I don't have a complete census of names yet. So I can't even tell you how many Stranded have slipped in between evacuating Jacinto and today. We have a porous border, and a lot of people who look pretty rough to begin with."
—Sharle, briefing Prescott on the number of civilians at Port Farrall

After the COG and the refugees arrived in Port Farrall, Sharle gathered with the rest of the command staff in a CIC Truck. He reported to Chairman Richard Prescott on the housing situation and the status of several work projects. He also told him that a team of Marines had found Imulsion stored at Merrenat Naval Base.[3] One week later he met with Col.Victor Hoffman and Lt.Anya Stroud in the barracks building, where they looked over clear routes from the city to the docks.[4] Sharle later briefed Prescott on the population count of Port Farrall, telling him that it was impossible to get an accurate count with all the confusion and Stranded slipping in and out of the camp.[5]

Lambent InvasionEdit

"We're going to be dangerously low on fuel very soon. I'm going to keep nagging you about this, because it radically shapes our options for the future."
—Sharle, to Prescott, Hoffman, and Michaelson on the COG's fule situation

After the COG moved to the island of Vectes, they discovered of the Lambent threat. Sharle went to meet with Prescott alongside Major Aleksander Reid. They waited for Prescott to finish meeting with Hoffman and Commander Miran Trescu, and Sharle gave Hoffman a respectful nod as he left Prescott's office.[6] Sharle also met with Staff Sergeant Lennard Parry later that day, and went over maps of the island with him to determine the best place to set up defenses.[7] He also briefed Prescott, Hoffman, and Cpt.Quentin Michaelson on the fuel situation, and told them that their options were getting severely limited in how to plan for the future.[8] After the Battle of New Jacinto, Sharle met with Hoffman and Parry to discuss the rebuilding of the city.[9]



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