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The Locust Royal Palace.

"Man this bitch's house is creeeepy."
Cole, upon seeing the Locust Palace

The Royal Palace[1] is the capital building in the Nexus. It was the home of Queen Myrrah.


The Royal Palace is the home of the Locust Queen. It is a building in the middle of the Imulsion lake below the Nexus. It has two elevators that run down the side of the structure. The Palace is guarded by a garrison of Palace Guards, and a self-defense system. It is also home to the Bloodmount Stables and the Reaver Pens.

The building itself looks like a large bee hive connected to several outer buildings.

Lambent War[]

During the Lambent War, the Lambent Locust attacked the Palace along with all the other Locust pin points of the Hollow. During Operation: Hollow Storm, the Nexus came under heavy attack from the COG. As it appeared throughout Act 4, the Lambent were breaking into the Nexus as well as the Palace. The Palace was guarded by Queen Myrrah's personal Royal Guard. Eventually, the Palace was left almost defenseless when Skorge and most of the Locust forces went to attack Jacinto City after Delta was able to break though the defense.[2]


The Palace, along with the rest of the Nexus, was destroyed when the Hollow was flooded by the COG in an effort to win the war.


Art of the Palace.