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A Rowboat is a small and simple seacraft used as a primitive form of naval transportation. Rowboats are usually made of wood and could only fit a maximum of two passengers, although larger varieties are known to exist.

Rowboats as their name suggests, is navigated via the rowing of oars. Their small size and simplicity has made the Rowboat versatile and have been given multiple societal roles. Some Rowboats are used as small fishing vessels to catch fish in either coastal areas, rivers and lakes alongside Fishing Boats. Whilst some has been converted into a Lifeboat for much larger vessels such as an Imulsion Tanker.

Despite this, their small size makes them limited in calm and shallow waters. It does not take much to overturn a Rowboat, with high tides and strong winds being enough to capsize the vehicle.

Behind the Scenes[]

  • Multiple rowable Lifeboats were seen docked and hung on the port and starboard of the CNV Sovereign, a Raven's Nest Class Helicopter Carrier.[1] It is unlikely any of the Lifeboats were used in evacuating, due to the present danger of the Lambent Leviathan, with all of these boats destroyed after the Leviathan exploded.[2]
  • Several Rowboats were seen beached on the coast of Gears of War 4's Old Town.



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