"So what does this 'Hammer of Dawn' thing even do?"
—Private Rose[5]

Rose was a human female that served as a special operations Gear for the Coalition of Ordered Governments during the eighty year conflict known as the Pendulum Wars.[2][4] Alongside fellow members of the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry, she participated in the infamous Battle of Aspho Fields, assaulting a secretive research and development compound operated by the Union of Independent Republics.[2][6][7] The ranking officer—Major Victor Hoffman—assigned Rose to Green Troop, which was commanded by Private Dominic Santiago and included Pesanga commandos among its members.[7][8] After inserting into the battlefield on King Ravens, the special operations soldiers destroyed the communication towers to prevent the facility from requesting reinforcements from the nearby Peraspha Military Base.[2][9] The squad then fought their way through the garrison of UIR Infantry stationed at the facility before arriving at the primary research and residential structure.[2][7]

Following their arrival at the research structure, the Jack-of-all-Trades robot known as Bruce hacked into its security interface, allowing Hoffman to lead the majority of the commandos into the structure in an effort to capture the scientists and their schematics for the Hammer of Dawn.[3][8] The remaining special operations members—including Rose, Senko, Kizill, and Maddoc—employed a Twin-Barrel Turret to defend the entrance from a counterattack by the disorganized remnants of the compound garrison.[2][3] Although their early demolition of the communication towers disrupted UIR transmissions, an unidentified UIR soldier inside the research structure managed to signal the neighboring military base before his discovery.[2][10] After Major Hoffman successfully acquired the Hammer of Dawn schematics, a UIR mortar crew began launching strikes against the research compound.[2][11] The resulting bombardment killed Rose as she attempted to assist an unidentified squad member regain his footing during the retreat to the Marlins for extraction.[2]



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