The Rockworm was a creature that lives in the Hollow. Described by Anya as "an indigenous cave creature," these large, worm-like organisms slither from one tunnel to another, eating the Glowbe fruit that grow on the cavern walls and ceiling. They are assumed harmless but if you get in front of one of their mouths they will bite causing light damage.

History[edit | edit source]

"Our enemy talks to worms. If they're outsmarting us in this war, then we probably deserve to be extinct."
—Damon Baird on the Locust religion.

During Operation: Hollow Storm, it was revealed that the Locust hunt these creatures for food. Kantus priests can control Rockworms and Tickers with their strange chants. As part of the Locust hunting ritual, a Kantus would lure a Rockworm out with these chants for Locust hunting parties. They would then be slaughtered and have their meat carved up by Butchers. Delta Squad, while in the Hollows, lured several Rockworms outside of their hives with glowing plants to use them for cover against the Locust.

" Well at least we know what the grubs like to eat."
— Dominic Santiago after discovering several dead Rockworms inside a Locust fortress.

When Marcus Fenix and Dominic Santiago returned into the Hollow they found several Rockworm corpses being chopped by Butchers. Immediately after the Gears realized that the worms were the food source of the Locust.

It is presumed that most if not all of the Rockworms, along with any other creature native to the Hollows, were killed by the sinking of Jacinto. If there were any survivors their fate remains unknown. It is unlikely that these creatures had any contact with Imulsion and therefore didn't perish when the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was activated but as stated before it remains unknown whether any Worms or any other native to the Hollows survived.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Marcus and Dom fight a Kantus, using the Rockworms as shields.

Their tough hides are impervious to gunfire, appearing like stone. They'll mind their own business unless you get in their way - if you stand in front of their faces then they will attack you. This usually does little damage, but on Hardcore or Insane difficulties they will kill you instantly. Rockworms eat a red glowing fruit that grows on the cavern ceiling. The fruits can be shot down to lure the worm to use as cover. You have to keep up with them when they get moving, and will move faster if they are shot in a vulnerable area like the tail. The caverns beneath Sera are heavily inhabited with them. If you manage to lead a Locust Drone in front of one, however, they instantly kill that Drone.

Rockworm original concept.

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Appearances[edit | edit source]

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