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The Rocket Transport Train was a large carrier train that served the Union of Independent Republics cosmodrome OZP-11 in Vasgar. It was used to transport UIR Rockets across OZP-11 for assembly and then to the cosmodrome's main rocket launchpad.


Swarm War[]

During the Swarm Invasion, Delta Squad arrived at Vasgar to launch the UIR Rocket carrying the Hammer of Dawn satellites. Under the guidance of Garron Paduk, Delta Squad was able to locate the Rocket Transport Train which was on a turntable. Paduk's Nomads assisted Delta Squad by raising the train bridge for their Skiff to pass through. After Delta Squad rerouted the turntable and thus, the Train, the vehicle started to automatically move to its destination even though the bridge had not been lowered. Kait told Paduk about this predicament, however Paduk replied that his Nomads have already left. Fortunately, Delta Squad was able to lower the bridge by destroying the clamps just at the nick of time and the Train was able to pass through.

The train made it to the UIR Rocket Hangar where Delta attached the nose cone to the rocket. Juvies swarmed over the train during this time, trying to stop Delta, but the Gears managed to eliminate them with little difficulty. The train was then used to transport the rocket and Delta to the UIR Turntable Launch Tower with a Snatcher briefly jumping onboard before being kicked off by Fahz Chutani. At the launch tower, the train backed into position and, after interfacing with the launch tower's controls, JACK extended the clamps to lift the rocket up off of the train and into launch position.[1]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • The Train was around the same size as the Tyro Pillar in terms of width, but not in length.
  • The Train functions similarly to the NASA Crawler Transporter. Early concept art actually depicted the Train as a Crawler Transporter. Gears of War Concept Designer Carlo Balassu originally envisioned it as such. [2] [3]
  • Several artillery batteries were set up around the train track and the bridge. During the civil war, the loyalists intended to use the artillery to destroy the Gorasnayan rebels but failed.
  • If Delta Squad does not destroy the clamps in time, the train will crash and derail, leading to a objective failure.



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