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The Rocket Gantry Crane is a specialized gantry crane used to transport and connect the nosecone of a UIR Rocket. These cranes are modified to hang from the roof of the UIR Rocket Hangar via railings and cables and are specialized in transporting rocket parts.[1]

The machine is split into two parts. The first section is the crane itself, which can move through two rail bogies and a cable system to go up and down. The crane house four magnetic clamps to gently carry the nosecone of the rocket. The second section is the operator's deck, which is where the operator along with some assistants are there to control the machine. The deck itself has its own cable system to lower and park itself on various floors.

Control of the machine rests upon multiple levers, with the operator standing behind it. It can become self-autonomous if there is a manual override. The deck has two landing platforms on either side for passengers to disembark or to act as safety railings when on the move. As such, the crane could also act as a makeshift transport vehicle if need be.


Pendulum Wars[]

The crane alongside the rest of the UIR Space Program was left abandoned and defunct after the Mutiny at OZP-11 and the conclusion of the Pendulum Wars.

Swarm War[]

During their quest to retrieve and launch the UIR Hammer of Dawn satellites, Delta Squad came across the Rocket Gantry Crane. The crane was already carrying the nosecone before it was abandoned, but the satellites was yet to be attached.[2]

Fahz Chutani have shown some experience in controlling the machine and needed to be protected when Delta Squad came under assault from the Swarm. When the squad met a locked hangar door, Fahz disembarked the team to manually override the door. However, they did not realize that by doing so, it made the crane go self-autonomous and quickly left the team behind. This led to a short chase sequence to figure out where the crane was heading before finally meeting to its destination.[3]


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