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Rock Eels was a extremely large and long eels that inhabit the vast Serano Ocean. These eels are one of the common food source amongst the humans of Sera. Rock Eels are found displayed throughout the fishmarket in Riftworm Village.[1]

Owing to its name, Rock Eels may inhabit and hide between large rock formations in the Serano Ocean. As they are commonly fished, they inhabit the light zone and therefore, could only be found in shallow and coastal regions of Sera.

These eels are ambushed predators, like all eels, and they use their serpentine body to squeeze within rock cracks to hide from their prey. They have a powerful bite, with a sharp beak that allows the eel to strike their unsuspecting prey in an instant.


Lambent Pandemic[]

A Lambent Rock Eel on the Harvest.

During the Lambent Pandemic, the flooding of the Inner Hollows after the Sinking of Jacinto City led to Imulsion spreading throughout the Serano Ocean, infecting countless marine organisms. The Rock Eel was one such specimen that was infected as one was accidentally fished by the fishing boat the Harvest. The panicked crew shot at the eel, which led to it exploding and destroying the boat. On another occasion, a second Lambent rock eel was hauled up by a fishing boat Delta-One was accompanying. Marcus Fenix got the boat far enough away that no one got seriously hurt, but the incident revealed the truth behind the Harvest's destruction and the ongoing spread of the Lambent Pandemic which was previously unknown.[2]

Any remaining Lambent Rock Eels were killed when the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon was detonated and destroyed Imulsion and the Lambent.

Swarm War[]

Rock Eels were still common food commodities after the Locust War, with Kait Diaz exploring the fish markets of the Riftworm Village.[3]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • These eels bares resemblance to the real-world Moray Eel.



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