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"We are a complete being! Connected! Immortal! You had a choice! And you squandered it! Alive or dead, you belong to us!"
—Queen Reyna explaining the Swarm to her daughter, Kait.

Queen Reyna Diaz (née Torres) is the leader of the Swarm during the Swarm Invasion and a former Chief of Fort Umson during the Outsider Movement. She is the biological daughter of the Queen Myrrah of the Locust Horde and geneticist Doctor Torres. She was born in the Mount Kadar Laboratory as an experiment, inheriting Myrrah's immunity to Imulsion, decelerated aging, and psychomagnetic connection to the Locust Hivemind. When Dr. Torres became disillusioned because of the experiments done to his daughter, he fled the facility with Reyna. She was raise by Torres and lived through the Pendulum Wars and Locust War. Her father was later murdered by Locust scientist Ukkon. Reyna married former COG Sergeant, Gabriel Diaz.

After the Locust War, Reyna became a leader to the Outsider Movement along with her husband and built Fort Umson. The two later had a daughter named Kait Diaz. Following her husband's death, she and her brother-in-law, Oscar Diaz, led the Outsider village. In 42 A.E., the Locust reemerged as the Swarm. Reyna was captured and forcibly integrated into the Swarm's Hive in order for Myrrah's consciousness to posses her body and become their queen. Although there was an attempt by Kait to rescue her, Reyna had been connected in a way that removing her from the Hive would be fatal. Having no intentions of becoming the Swarm Queen, Reyna pleaded with Kait to end her life. Kait disconnected Reyna from the Hive, killing her. However, the Swarm managed to reconnect her body to the Hive and was brought back to life.

While Reyna's body was in the Swarm's possession, Myrrah was focused on taking Kait Diaz's healthier body, as she inherited the psychomagnetic link to the Locust Hivemind, as well. In an attempt to sever her link from the Hivemind, Kait inadvertently directed Myrrah's consciousnesses into Reyna's body - caused by Dr. Niles Samson in an attempt to help grow his creation. Queen Reyna, now possessed by her mother, leads the Swarm to finish the Locust's goal of annihilating the human race in order to claim Sera as their own. Following her ascension, Queen Reyna led a siege on New Ephyra. Though she was successful in denying the humans the Hammer of Dawn, her siege was loss for the Swarm. Queen Reyna continues to lead the Swarm Invasion.


Early Life

"I tolerated Dr. Torres' unseemly designs upon EV-184-9 mainly due to my hope that their dalliance could produce a child. And now it has: TE-872-3. Myrrah's daughter has inherited her unique genomic constellation. What this means I do not yet know, but it proves that what I have created here is, astonishingly, inheritable. All throughout our facility dote upon Reyna already. Only Dr. Torres seems ambivalent. I suspect he is jealous of the attention his special child is receiving."
—Dr. Niles Samson's analysis of Reyna at the Mount Kadar Laboratory.

Reyna was born in an underground laboratory within the caverns of Mount Kadar to Doctor Torres, a geneticist, and Myrrah, one of his test subjects. The facility was an extension of the genetic research Dr. Niles Samson was conducting at the New Hope Research Facility, in order to discover a cure for Rustlung. By mutating the sick children of Imulsion miners with the DNA of indigenous creatures from the Hollow - Dr. Samson created highly aggressive and unstable chimeras called Sires. Myrrah was brought to the facility as a child, due to her genetic immunity to Imulsion. Exposure to Imulsion also strengthened Myrrah's immune system and decelerated her aging by 50%. However, the unethical experiments at New Hope were discovered by the Coalition of Ordered Governments and the facility was shut down. Niles and his work were recovered by a fringe political party within the COG and relocated to the facility in Mount Kadar.

Reyna's medical file following her birth.

In the facility prior to Reyna's conception, Niles Samson used the embryonic stem-cells of Myrrah and combined them with Sire DNA to create their first hybrid, the Matriarch, who then birthed the Locust Horde. It was discovered that all members of the Locust Horde shared a psychomagnetic link, known as the Hivemind. Myrrah was able to telepathically communicate with the Locust and control all those connected. Myrrah later began a romantic relationship with Dr. Torres, who then conceived Reyna and was designated as Subject TE-872-3. Upon initial studies, it was revealed that Reyna inherited Myrrah's genetic immunity, decelerated aging, and links to the Locust Hivemind.

However, Dr. Torres feared for the well-being of his daughter and escaped the facility with Reyna - abandoning Myrrah. After Dr. Torres fled with Reyna, Dr. Samson was unable to recapture the two. He then lied to Myrrah that Dr. Torres and Reyna were killed in the escape attempt in order to keep Myrrah from leaving the facility in pursuit of them. Devastated and grief-stricken, Myrrah grew a hatred for the human scientists and sympathized with her Locust children, who longed for independence. Using the Matriarch, Myrrah began to test the extent of her powers within the Hivemind in order to control the Locust. After she discovered her full potential, Myrrah commanded the Locust Horde to kill all the scientists out of revenge and to free themselves from their imprisonment and torture. Giving herself the title as their Queen, Myrrah led the Locust deeper into the caverns of Mount Kadar where they established their civilization, known as Nexus.

Pendulum Wars

Living on the Lam

"My father and I were always moving. Always... hiding."
"Hiding? From what?"
"Honestly? You. The COG, I mean. I was taught never to trust them.
—Reyna explaining to Gabriel Diaz her childhood.

After fleeing the facility, Dr. Torres and Reyna were on the lam from the Coalition of Ordered Governments. Unknown to Reyna, it was due to her father's work at the New Hope Research Facility and for evading justice when failing to appear in court. During her childhood, Reyna and her father were always on the run, hiding in various places across the nation. As Reyna grew, Torres taught her how to hide, fight, survive, and to distrust the COG. In her childhood, Torres gifted her with Myrrah's amulet that he managed to take from the facility during their escape, as Reyna lamented about never knowing about her mother. According to Reyna, later in life, Torres' parenting skills were less to be desired. Despite caring for each other, an adult Reyna referred to Torres as a "bad man." The two continued to live together and were able to witness the end of the Pendulum Wars.

Locust War

Siege of the Zenic Lab

"We were living in some old lab. My father's a scientist. Or... was. A few weeks ago, I went out for supplies. When I came back... [Ukkon] was there. Setting up shop. I don't know why he didn't just kill me. But what he did to my father? That'll stay with me until the day I die."
—Reyna Torres about her father's death by Ukkon.

Six weeks after the end of the Pendulum Wars, the Locust Horde finally emerged on the surface of Sera. The initial attack, known as Emergence Day, killed twenty-five percent of the global population in the first twenty-six hours. Reyna and her father survived, and due to her father being a scientist, he located an abandoned Union of Independent Republics laboratory in Zenic, Vasgar where they could hide and survive. Shortly the Hammer of Dawn Strikes in 1 A.E., Reyna went outside to scavenge for supplies. When she returned home, she found that the laboratory was overrun by Locust, led by Ukkon, the head Locust scientist. He captured Reyna and took her mother's amulet for himself. Although he spared Reyna, due to discovering her connection to her mother, Ukkon killed her father. After her father's death, Reyna managed to escape.

Rescue from Zenic Outpost

Reyna was recaptured at the Zenic Outpost and placed in a Torture Pod, but was rescued by Alpha Squad, a former COG squad led by Sergeant Gabriel Diaz and Major Sid Redburn, who were investigating the area for Ukkon's lab. Sergeant Diaz then brought Reyna to his convoy camp in the Vasgari desert. There, she was interrogated first by Mikayla Dorn, but did not answer any of her questions relating to Ukkon. Sergeant Diaz then approached Reyna. Taking a liking to him, she revealed that Ukkon had taken over her home, captured her and killed her father. Meanwhile, he transformed the lab into his own base of operations. Sgt. Diaz requested to know where the lab was, and Reyna only agreed to show him and help because she wanted to avenge her father's death and kill Ukkon.

Battle of Ukkon's Laboratory

Sergeant Diaz then rallied his large group of recruited Gears and Stranded to attack Ukkon's laboratory. After ramming into the front gates of the lab, the Gears began to attack Ukkon's army - while Mikayla threw her Cytostatic Gas Grenade at Ukkon to disrupt his accelerated healing process in order to kill him. He then retreated inside the lab and was followed by Reyna along with Diaz, Redburn, and Mikayla. Inside the facility, the four were ambushed by Ukkon's army of Locust Drones and Wretches, as Ukkon prepared to unveil his latest creation.

In order to weaken his creation, Reyna and the group destroyed the Imulsion pumps in the facility. After destroying the pumps and Ukkon's army, he revealed his creation: the Hydra, a massive Reaver. Reyna and the Gears were able to kill the Hydra and corner Ukkon. Reyna then shot Ukkon in the head, avenging her father, and retrieving her mother's necklace from his body. After the battle, Reyna decided to join Diaz as he and Redburn were no longer part of the Coalition due to their knowledge of classified material. Reyna revealed her necklace to Gabriel as belonging to her estranged mother whom she had never met.

Remainder of the War

Joining Diaz's group, they continued the war as Stranded but determined to kill every single Locust and the remainder of Ukkon's creations. Sometime after the assassination of Ukkon, Reyna and Gabriel fell in love and got married. They continued the remainder of the Locust War by fighting the Locust Horde and remainder of Ukkon's creations, but as Stranded. Meanwhile, Reyna's brother-in-law, Sergeant Oscar Diaz, fought for the Coalition during the Locust War. Because of his loyalty to the COG, his alcoholism, and his irresponsibility, Gabriel and Reyna disowned him.

Outsider Movement

Creating Fort Umson

After the end of the Locust War in 17 A.E., the Coalition of Ordered Governments was rebuilt. However, Reyna and Gabriel still didn't trust the government and instead lived outside of COG jurisdiction, becoming known as Outsiders. Eventually, the two found a mining colony in the Wilds of Tyrus called Fort Umson and established it as an Outsider Village. More people joined the Outsiders and Fort Umson - some as former Stranded, survivors of the Hammer of Dawn Strikes, others were disillusioned COG citizens - especially following the death of First Minister Anya Stroud, which led to the Coalition becoming a more totalitarian state.

Building a Family

By 20 A.E., Reyna and Gabriel had a daughter named Kait. They raised her within the walls of Fort Umson away from the COG's influence. In 24 A.E., when Kait was four, she and Reyna were on a trade caravan where they were attacked by Pickers. One of the raiders grabbed Kait and threatened to kill her if Reyna didn't deliver them the supplies. Reyna, instead, threw her machete at the man and killed him as well as the other bandits. One month later, Kait went missing in the woods. Reyna and Gabriel combed the woods for three days until they found smoke, as it led to a hermit named Salvador Pasco making tea for Kait. Upon reuniting, Reyna nearly killed Pasco but Gabriel and Kait intervened. Pasco had found Kait and took care of her for three days. Reyna and Gabriel returned their gratitude by offering him a place at Fort Umson, but he declined.

One year later, Pasco returned with mountain flower tea for Kait, as he agreed to stay for two years. During this time, Pasco became good friends with the Diaz family and came to respect highly of Reyna, thus allowing only her to call him "Sal." Reyna taught Pasco about how to build a village, how to lead it, and tactics to defend it. Two years after his arrival, Pasco went out to build his own village. Later in 27 A.E., Reyna and Gabriel took Kait on a camping trip to test her survival skills. Reyna and Gabriel taught Kait how to hunt and defend herself against wild beasts by either locating and killing the leader, using guns or fire to scare them away, or to use a knife and kill them. On the way back home, Gabriel spotted a broken down truck and was convinced he could repair it and drive the family home. Reyna initially refused but then complied and help repair the truck.

Leader of Fort Umson

In 30 A.E., Gabriel was diagnosed with Rustlung, and the village doctor confirmed it was fatal. In his last months, bedridden, he asked Reyna to retrieve his brother, Oscar. After months, she finally found and contacted Oscar to attend his brother's death bed. In the last days of Gabriel's life, Kait admitted to Reyna of having thoughts of killing him and putting him out of his misery. Reyna affirmed that those thoughts came from a place of love and asked for the same if she would ever be put in the same position as Gabriel. She then revealed that they were waiting for Kait's uncle, to which she never heard of. Despite her feelings for him, Reyna agreed that Oscar should be with his brother. However, moments before Oscar arrived, Gabriel finally perished of Rustlung.

Reyna then became Chief of the village. Reyna also allowed Oscar to stay if he could prove himself. While remaining an alcoholic, Oscar proved to be hard-working and loyal, becoming second-in-command and allowing him to mentor Kait. Reyna then had Oscar train Kait how to fight and how to survive while she led the Outsiders. When Kait became a teenager, she was due to have her hair braided on her left shoulder in the summer festival at Fort Umson to signify she was a woman not yet married, and would move the braid to the right of her shoulder on her wedding ceremony. Kait expressed nervousness of the ceremony, and so Reyna braided Kait's hair in private to quell Kait and share a special moment together. The next day, Kait's hair was braided a second time without concern.

Settlement 2 Massacre

While not directly involved, Reyna and Fort Umson were affected by the events of the Settlement 2 Protest Massacre, in which Settlement 2 civilians protested the totalitarian rule of the Coalition in New Ephyra, but were fired upon by DeeBees and killed. The massacre solidified the Outsider's distrust and fear of the Coalition, but also resulted in new recruits for Fort Umson. Arriving to the village were former Gears: Lt. James Dominic Fenix and Lt. Delmont Walker. Lt. Walker became disillusioned of the COG following the massacring of citizens and convinced Lt. Fenix, his best friend, to join him in becoming Outsiders. Reyna originally wanted them executed, but Kait intervened and vouched for them. Kait then became close friends with JD and Del.

In the following months, JD and Del led raid missions on COG Settlements for supplies for the Village. However, many Coalition citizens and Gears went missing. By 42 A.E., First Minister Mina Jinn became convinced that Reyna was taking her people and began to arm the DeeBees with lethal force. This caused Reyna to draw back her raids to keep from a potential war with the Coalition. Unknown the them, the Locust Horde had finally emerged from the Imulsion crystal shells as evolved forms called Scions. With a low population for their army, the Scions created a bio-organism called the Swarm, which turned any biological form into a member of the Swarm. Primarily, creatures called Snatchers would captured humans, place them in pods, and transform them into Drones for the Swarm Army.

Raid of Settlement 5

The generator broke down, so she tasked JD and Del to get a fabricator from Settlement 5, as they promised that they could steal the fabricator without provoking the COG. She had Oscar and Kait go with them.

Battle of Fort Umson

After they brought back the Fabricator, First Minister Mina Jinn spoke to Reyna via a Shepherd threatening to attack her village for stealing COG citizens. They managed to fend off a DeeBee attack, and after the attacks were repulsed, she became angry at JD and Del for the attack on her village, too angry to listen to the fact that Jinn attacked for a different reason. She then had the two re-power their generator with the Fabricator.

Swarm Invasion

Abduction by the Swarm

Overnight, the Swarm attacked the village and began kidnapping villagers, led by a Scion called the Speaker. Reyna locked Kait, JD, and Del in the generator building to protect them. The Speaker then located and personally attacked her, but she managed to cut off its hand. She once again became overpowered. Oscar attempted to rescue Reyna by shooting the Speaker, but was stabbed by him and abducted by a Snatcher. After watching Oscar get abducted, Reyna comforted herself with her mother's amulet and reluctantly let the Speaker capture her. While Reyna's people, except for Oscar who managed to escape from the Snatcher, were podded and died during the process to turn into the Swarm, Reyna was connected to the heart of a Swarm Hive inside the Tollen Dam and was being processed to become the Swarm's Queen.

Meanwhile, Kait led a rescue mission to find Reyna and their friends along with JD, Del, and JD's father, Marcus Fenix. In the search for Reyna at Fort Reval, where he correctly guessed a Swarm Hive was due do it being a former Locust burial site, Marcus was taken by a Snatcher and podded in the Fort Reval Hive. He was freed by his son before he was destroyed in the process and revealed that he was connected to the villagers and that Reyna was being treated different than the others, not podded, at the Tollen Dam Hive, As the four went to rescue her, Kait and her friends encountered the Speaker and refused to reveal Reyna's location, but stated it was where she belonged. The Speaker was then killed by Kait and with the help of reinforcements, they stormed the Tollen Dam Hive.

Reyna was then later found by her daughter and her friends, but had begun mutating due to being connected to the heart of the Swarm Hive. While mostly human, she asked Kait to cut the connection between her flesh and the Hive, aware that doing so would result in her death. Kait reluctantly agreed and embraced her mother before euthanizing her. In Reyna's last moments, she handed Kait her mother's amulet and consoled Kait as she disconnected and supposedly euthanized Reyna. Reyna was then sealed inside the heart of the Hive and presumed dead given the circumstances, but unknown to the group was reconnected to the Hive and resurrected by the Swarm. However, Reyna was in a state of unconsciousness and was too weak to be possessed by Myrrah, as she then set her sights on Kait - the next in line for the Swarm Queen.

Reawakened as the Queen

"Surely you see I've done you a kindness. You are no longer vulnerable to the Hivemind, and your mother has been awakened. Well. So to speak."
—Dr. Niles Samson to Kait Diaz.

Four months after Reyna's separation, the Swarm ambushed Riftworm Village, where a Snatcher was able to capture Kait and officially connect her to the Swarm Hivemind. Myrrah's consciousness forced Kait to command the soldiers within the Swarm and lead the attack, resulting in the death of Oscar. However, Marcus and JD were able to free Kait from the Snatcher. Kait then revealed her visions and the Locust emblem to her friends. Due to her connection to the Locust, she and Del went to find the truth and a solution at the New Hope Research Facility under the guidance of Marcus. Through the New Hope Research Facility, Kait discovered Myrrah was born with Imulsion immunity and experimented on as a child by the director of the facility, Dr. Niles Samson. Upon retrieving files, they were directed to a secret facility in the caverns of Mount Kadar.

Upon arriving at the Mount Kadar Laboratory, Kait and Del were met by the artificial intelligence of Niles Samson, who revealed to Kait that Myrrah's embryonic stem cells were fertilized with Sire DNA to create the Locust Horde. Niles also revealed that Myrrah conceived a human child with Dr. Torres and mothered Reyna, making Myrrah Kait's grandmother. Kait then learned that her grandfather fled with Reyna, and Myrrah's grief caused her to lead a rebellion to slaughter the scientists and declared independence. However, Myrrah's stem-cells were what created the Hivemind that connected her with the Locust Horde, and that Reyna and Kait had inherited that very connection. Kait threatened Niles to sever her link to Myrrah and the Locust before she could be made Queen of the Swarm, causing them to evolve and become more intelligent and dangerous.

Severing the link to the Hivemind involved damaging the temporal lobe. In order to so, Niles had to induce anesthesia in the imaging machine and transport Kait's consciousness into the Hivemind. However, Niles then used Kait to physically awaken Reyna, as he sympathized with the Locust and their goal to rule Sera. Myrrah was then able to be resurrected through Reyna instead of Kait and became the Queen once again. Queen Reyna then began to manipulate Kait's mind and cause hallucinations through the Matriarch while she rampaged through the facility. Realizing that she was still connected to the Hivemind and vulnerable to Reyna through the Matriarch, Kait then managed to kill the Berserker, severing her link to the Swarm and Reyna once and for all. However, the Swarm were now in possession of Reyna as their Queen - giving them their advantage over the humans.

Queen of the Swarm

"If they really got their Queen, and Niles is right about what happens next, we need a new plan."
"No, we need the old plan. We need the Hammer of Dawn.
—Lt. Delmont Walker and Cpl. Kait Diaz discussing Queen Reyna.

True to Niles Samson's word, after Reyna was awakened by Kait, possessed by Myrrah, and made Queen of the Swarm - the Swarm immediately grew and became more intelligent. The Drones began fighting more aggressively and tactically, with more precision and self-preservation. In the weeks after Reyna became their Queen, the Swarm was in the process of constructing armor and building their own weapons, such as the Claw Light Machine Gun, in similar fashion to how the Locust Horde built their army. The Swarm were also able to intercept the humans plans and gain intelligence, as Queen Reyna was aware that the humans were attempting to reactivate the Hammer of Dawn, but the only available remnants resided in OZP-11 of Vasgar.

The survivors in Vasgar, known as Nomads and led by Garron Paduk, began to notice the advancement in Swarm intelligence and technology - as well as better coordination in attacks, such as cutting off their water supply and convoys. Several weeks after being reawakened, Queen Reyna traveled to the red desert of Vasgar to stop the Mission to OZP-11, in which the Coalition were attempting to launch the Union of Independent Republic's Hammer of Dawn satellites to prepare using against the Swarm. Queen Reyna attempted to stop them by attacking them with her army and the gargantuan Kraken, an indigenous creature native to the Vasgar Hollow, but ultimately failed. Queen Reyna then personally witnessed the satellites being launched into space.

Battle of Old Ephyra

"You failed us! We are what you could have been! We are a complete being! Connected. Immortal. You had a choice, and you squandered it! Alive or dead, you belong to us!"
—Queen Reyna, possessed by Myrrah, confronting Kait.

Realizing that the humans revived the Hammer of Dawn and were in the process of fortifying New Ephyra, Queen Reyna led an assault in the ruins of Old Ephyra in order to destroy the Hammer of Dawn targeting beacons and render New Ephyra defenseless. Shortly after activating the satellites, the humans still needed to place the targeting beacons around the city. After planting the targeting beacons in the Tomb of the Unknowns and East Barricade Academy, Queen Reyna led her army and the Kraken to destroy the beacons - rendering New Ephyra vulnerable to attack.

Queen Reyna confronting Kait Diaz.

After using the Kraken to destroy the beacon at the Tomb of the Unknowns, Queen Reyna revealed herself and confronted Cpl. Diaz. As Queen Reyna began to take her, Cpt. Fenix and Lt. Walker defended Cpl. Diaz. Queen Reyna was able to disarm the two and attempted to kill them with use of her tentacles. She expressed disappointment in Cpl. Diaz for failing to side with her, but reasoned that she still belonged to the Swarm. However, Cpl. Diaz was able to save herself and one of her friends by throwing Reyna's old knife at her tentacles, prompting Queen Reyna to murder the other by snapping his neck.

Despite Queen Reyna using the Kraken to collapse a building on them, Cpl. Diaz and her surviving friend managed to survive and escaped. The two later regrouped with the Delta while Queen Reyna led the Swarm to New Ephyra's gates. In doing so, her army and Kraken were destroyed by the Hammer of Dawn via JACK - sacrificing himself as a beacon. Queen Reyna and the Swarm receded, and Sgt. Marcus Fenix warned Cpl. Diaz that she would return. Cpl. Diaz acknowledged his warning, but insisted that they were to kill her first. Cpl. Diaz then discarded her grandmother's pendant, rejecting her bloodline.

Personality and Traits

Reyna, as a human, was a fierce warrior and smart tactician. Her upbringing by her father caused her to have trouble trusting strangers and authority, especially strangers with authority. Reyna was initially off-put by Sgt. Gabriel Diaz despite him rescuing her from Locust capture, but her attraction to him allowed her to open herself up to him, reveal details about herself, and eventually fell in love. Years later, she disapproved of Kait's connection with JD and Del due to their former connections to the COG.[1] Though not fond of JD and Del, she allowed them to stay with her village when they warn her about an impending COG response to her village's raiding.[2]

As the queen of Swarm, Reyna's personality shifts into one more similar to her mother, Myrrah, as her consciousness has possessed Reyna's mind and body, leaving little of Reyna at all. Since becoming the queen, Reyna became cold and calculating. She holds cynical and xenophobic views, which drive her ruthless war tactics, like her mother before her. She sees the human race as savages that only destroy, and that no matter how hard they may try, they will always be destined to destroy. Believing that, she continues the genocidal assault on the surface of Sera, which began on Emergence Day. Much like with the Locust Horde, Reyna views the Swarm as superior - being immortal and singular of thought.

Appearance Gallery

Documents by Reyna Diaz

Book Inscribed to Kait
King Raven Intermediate Maintenance Manual
COG Engineering Corps

Kaitie, Your father wrote this book long before you were born. Not many copies left out there. The text is dry, but... reading it, I can still feel him somehow. I can't think of a person he'd more want to have this.

Love, Mom

Behind the Scenes

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  • Reyna Diaz is voiced by Justina Machado.[3]
    • In Gears Tactics, a younger Reyna is voiced by Melanie Minichino.
  • Reyna is based on the Spanish word reina, meaning queen.


  • Reyna is a playable multiplayer character for the COG in Gears of War 4, and has five unlockable character skins, excluding her Outsider skin: Color Blast, Day of the Dead, Renegade, Vintage, and Zombie. Her Vintage skin is only available as a Gamestop/GAME pre-order bonus.
  • Reyna is a playable multiplayer character for the Swarm in Gears 5 within Operation 6. The Queen Reyna skin, unlike the campaign version, features legs instead of a mass of tentacles.



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