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"They think we're paranoid. They wonder why we still keep them at arm's length. Five centuries ago, we won and lost an empire of four hundred million citizens. During the Pendulum Wars, Gorasnaya's population fell from twenty million to ten. After E-Day, it was two million. After the COG deployed the Hammer of Dawn, we were reduced to fifty thousand. Now, after the Stranded massacres and the famines and the disease and the cold, there are only four thousand of us. And they wonder why we always have one eye on the exit."
—Commander Miran Trescu, on the cultural gulf between Gorasni and the COG, 15 A.E[1]

The Republic of Gorasnaya was a small Union of Independent Republics nation that never surrendered during the Pendulum Wars. In the short weeks of peace between the Pendulum Wars and the Locust War, it was a minor threat to the COG, although only mustering up guerrillas.[2] In the Lesser Island chains, the republic had a protectorate in the area in order to drill for Imulsion.[3] During the Locust War, the mainland of Gorasnaya was overrun by the Locust Horde and around four thousands citizens of the republic settled in the Lesser Islands and dealt with Stranded pirates. In 15 A.E., the remnant of the Coalition arrived in the islands years later, and Gorasnaya freely joined them in exchange for a safe refuge.[3] They later left when the COG disbanded, but returned to aid Delta Squad and the COG in the Second Battle of Azura, the battle that ended the Locust War and Lambent Pandemic.

The remnants of the Republic was led by Miran Trescu, who was the highest ranking survivor of the Republic's Government and Armed Forces. De jure command over the Gorasni troops and naval vessels was handed over to Chairman Richard Prescott and Col. Victor Hoffman when Gorasnaya joined the COG, but Trescu held de facto command and authority over the Gorasni troops, navy, and citizens.[4]

The inhabitants of Gorasnaya spoke Gorasni.


Silver Era history[]

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Five centuries before the Locust War, the Gorasni empire was forged from war and conquest and had over four hundred million citizens while the Tyrans were using manure to build walls.[5] The Empire was later lost, but not before Gorosni barbarians attacked their age-old enemy Tyrus' initial capital Fort Reval in the dead of night, assasinating its beloved King.[1]

Pendulum Wars and refusing to surrender[]

Gorasnaya was a member state of the UIR. During the 79 year long war, Gorasni troops fought on the eastern front. The Gorasni were one of the most hated Indie nations due to their infamous human rights records on captured Gears, forcing them into labor camps.[4] During the Pendulum Wars, Gorasnaya had control of a small Imulsion-rich nation in the Lesser Islands chain. After the Pendulum Wars ended, Gorasnaya refused to surrender to the COG and continued a guerrilla war until E-Day.[6]

One major attempt was the Mutiny at OZP-11 where 200 Gorasni forces led by Major Garron Paduk launched a small-scale civil war in an attempt to launch the UIR's own Hammer of Dawn satellites. Despite being heavily outnumbered, the Gorasni rebels made surprising progress, causing the facility's commander to brick the computer systems with a semi-sentient computer virus. Finally, the UIR consented to the COG launching a Lightmass Missile strike on OZP-11 to end the threat. The Lightmass Missile struck the parking lot of the Cosmonaut Training Facility, killing most of the Gorasni rebels and severely burning Major Paduk, bringing the mutiny and the threat that it posed to an end.[7]

Locust War[]

The Gorasni mainland was overrun by the Locust Horde over the course of a month after E-Day. Paduk and his forces fought bravely against the Locust, but were overwhelmed by General Karn's effective leadership. Karn focused on targeting Gorasni military assets and managed to completely destroy every aircraft in the country, both military and civilian. The battle left the majority of the population dead, only having around 4000 citizens left and small navy of 6 patrol boats, one submarine, and one missile frigate. The Gorasni were in a war with the sea based Stranded, a notorious section of Stranded that were looters and rapists. The Gorasni would fight the Stranded alone until the COG retreated to the Lesser Islands and giving the UIR nation a chance of unification in exchange for food and shelter for the Imulsion that the Gorasni held.

Unification with the COG[]

In Brume the UIR nation formally joined the COG at Vectes. Dropping off several hundred civilians and Indie soldiers, the Gorasni quickly setup a refugee camp and had their soldiers defend the camp. When the Stranded launched an attack on all major targets on Vectes, several Gorasni were killed. Chairman Prescott allowed Trescu to torture the captured Stranded. As he was asking how Gorasnin ships were being sunk and how the Stranded was being resupplied, Trescu did not get the answers he sought so he ended up shooting a Stranded in the head.

Break with the COG[]

During the Lambent Pandemic, the COG and Gorasni were forced to abandon Vectes due to repeated Lambent attack and contamination of the land. Unable to stay together, the COG was forced to disband and the Gorasni decided to go their own way and return to their homeland and were given the CNV Timgad which was renamed the Generale Egar Trescu. However, Commander Miran Trescu, the Gorasni leader, promised to remember the COG's kindness towards them, saying that while his people remember their grudges, they also remember kindness.

End of the Wars[]

Before the Second Battle of Azura, Augustus Cole and Damon Baird were sent to find reinforcements to defeat the Locust forces on the island of Azura and when the Maelstrom was deactivated, they showed up with Gorasni men led by Trescu in one of the Gorasni ships. The Gorasni lent their aid to Delta Squad on the island, leading to victory and the destruction of the Lambent and the Locust by Adam Fenix's weapon.

National Identity[]

Gorasnaya had a vibrant culture with a lot of pride in the military. The history of their past mighty empire motivated Gorasnayans to exhibit a strong and disciplined personality. The nation was significantly industrialized and produced the UIR's Markza Rifle and the Booshka Grenade Launcher, as well as other military equipment. Compared to Pelles and Ostri, the standard of living wasn't very impressive. Paduk stated that to he didn't believe the mansions of Halvo Bay could exist, most likely due to the absence of affluence in his homeland. Despite a proficient high council, the government and military was somewhat disorganized. Paduk's leadership often consisted of engaging in dangerous, less than legal operations without approval from command.

Human rights record[]

"The Survivors of Ramascu. "We will never forget". "We will never forgive"."
—A card left on a memorial to the veterans of the Pendulum Wars

The Gorasni were known violators of human rights during the Pendulum Wars; captured Gears from the eastern front were sent to forced labor camps which many of them died in, including Ramascu, giving them an infamous reputation for torture. During the Stranded Insurgency, Miran Trescu interrogated three Stranded and killed one with a bullet to the head.[4]




Behind the scenes[]