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Relic Weapons are unique versions of existing weapons discovered in the campaign of Gears 5. Each weapon has a unique engraved metal skin, and has an ability which differentiates it from its base variant.. The sight of a Crimson Omen indicates that a Relic Weapon is somewhere in the vicinity.

List of Relic Weapons[]

Name Variant Of Ability Location
Enforcer Relic Enforcer Submachine Gun This high caliber weapon deals punishing damage, but fires slower than a standard issue Enforcer. Act 2 Chapter 2: Before opening the Northern Passage gate, left at the overlook and against the cliff wall in a cluster of tall green trees

(Warning: Must grab before going off the cliff into the main area, as cannot return)

Longshot Relic Longshot Sniper Rifle Active reloads with this custom Longshot earn you an extra bullet in the chamber before you have to reload. Act 2 Chapter 2/4: Inside the red shack east of the Train Tunnel
Retro Lancer Relic Mark 1 Lancer Assault Rifle This upgraded Retro Lancer fires explosive rounds that air-burst to hit nearby targets. Act 2 Chapter 4: Behind a green tall tree next to a small red tree on the east side of the northwest most rocky outcrop in the small area directly northeast of the Old COG Wall
Boltok Relic Boltok Pistol This custom Boltok has faster handling, and is easier to fire from the hip. Act 2 Chapter 4: Slightly northeast below the Condor Crash Site closest to the East Tower Substation
Boomshot Relic Boomshot Grenade Launcher This launcher fires 3 explosive rounds between reloads. Act 2 Chapter 4: Behind the buildings on the right outside the doors of the north tower substation
Torque Bow Relic Torque Bow This bow can quickly fire deadly, non-explosive bolts. Act 2 Chapter 4: Follow the path up and to the right after the gates leading to the Abandoned Mine
Dropshot Relic Dropshot Munitions Launcher Hold [Shoot] to fire, then release to drop a cryo-blasting freeze round that will stop your enemies cold. Act 2 Chapter 4: Behind some ice boulders slightly northwest of the Transmission Signal Source, which is east of the eastern old derrick site
Talon Relic Talon Autopistol Hit an active reload for greatly increased damage and a more controllable fire rate. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: South of the abandoned airport, to the right of the entrance to Hangar 1
Gnasher Relic Gnasher Shotgun This modified Gnasher fires a single devastating slug. Take aim and pop heads. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: By the cliffs at the map bounds north of the Water Tower
Lancer GL Relic Lancer GL Assault Rifle This Lancer GL's alt-fire launcher fires straight, and burst in the air when it detects a nearby target. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: On a support pillar with cacti near it, under the map bounds overhang south west of the Water Tower, past a large rock pillar

Not a pillar on the way to the Cosmonaut Training Facility

Claw Relic Claw Light Machine Gun Hit your active reload to activate a higher rate-of-fire with this large-bore Claw variant. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: In the bushes by the eastern most partially buried building with a tower west of the Rocket Hangar and northeast of the Cosmonaut Training Facility
Markza Relic Markza Mk 1 Marksman Rifle This Markza variant fires full-auto when the trigger is held. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: In the trunk of a car slightly north of the pump station
Hammerburst Relic Hammerburst II Each trigger-pull with this Hammerburst fires a longer burst than the last. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: Directly left of City ruins, follow the wall to find a tower surrounded by a fence, in a weapons crate behind an iron fence and near to a building with the Crimson Omen
Snub Relic MX8 Snub Pistol This Snub fires a precise 2-shot burst. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: By the wall at the map bounds southeast of the rocket hangar
Overkill Relic Overkill Shotgun This modified Overkill fires full-auto when the trigger is held. Act 3 Chapter 1/3: Northeast of the Bridge Control House by a rocky outgrowth
Lancer Relic Mark 3 Lancer Assault Rifle Press [Melee] to stun your enemy with a rifle-butt to the face. Set them up for an execution or a Chainsaw kill. Act 3 Chapter 3: South side of the Cargo Shipwreck between some metal girders
Embar Relic EMBAR Railgun This EMBAR is slow to charge, but its high caliber electro-magnetic slug deals extreme damage. Act 3 Chapter 3: On some crates west of the Crashed Condor, look for the Condor's rudder sticking out

Video Guide[]


Gears 5 All Relic Weapon Locations Guide - Relics of the Past Relic Hunter Achievements Trophies-0

Behind the scenes[]

  • Relic Weapons will spawn once per campaign playthrough.
  • Relic Weapons will disappear if discarded with no ammo.
    • Non-sidearm weapons, including Relic Weapons, will regenerate ammo while stored on the skiff.
  • Non-sidearm Relic Weapons can be given to teammates by holding [Aim] and pressing [Pick Up Weapon/Revive].
    • The AI will replace the Boomshot, Torque Bow, and Dropshot relics when they run out of ammo (thus making them disappear)
  • 2 Relic Weapons can be transferred from Act 2 to Act 3 by storing them on the Skiff.
    • This may be buggy, as there are reports of weapons disappearing or turning into their non-relic counterparts. 
      • Possibly not allowed on Insane difficulty
  • Additional Relic Weapons besides those carried by the player can be transferred from Act 3 to Act 4 by having them equipped on allies
    • Note Fahz joins later in the chapter
  • There are two Achievements for Gears 5 that involve Relic Weapons:
    • Relic Hunter - Equip 3 Relic Weapons at one time in Campaign.
      • This can be easily done in Act 2 Chapter 4 without any fighting by picking up the Longshot Relic, Retro Lancer Relic, and Boltok Relic.
    • Relics of the Past - Kill an enemy with every Relic Weapon in Campaign
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