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Rejects[1] are former Shepherds who have been possessed by a Leech.

The first Reject that was known to be encountered was discovered at the outskirts of Speyer; the quills from an ambushing Pouncer were fired at and embedded within First Minister Jinn's personal Shepherd.

This allowed the Swarm to take control of it, forcing the Reject to begin strangling JD, who managed to escape its grasp by ramming his knife into the Reject multiple times until its hold on him faded.

The exact reasoning and mechanics behind this was as yet unknown, however Kait Diaz first hypothesized that the answer could be a bioelectric field, and then Delmont Walker hypothesized that it could be some kind of voltage-gated ion channel - they bounced these guesses between each other, both of which JD Fenix apparently understood; Marcus on the other hand, not so much. [2]

At the current moment, it seems as if the Swarm takes Rejects back to their Hives, perhaps for storage, or as security. Rejects within the hives remain dormant until disturbed or assumingly 're-activated' by the Swarm. [3]


Players should be aware that Rejects have three known "moods" that are displayed on a searchlight on top of their heads:

  • White: it means the Rejects are undisturbed and can be stealth killed by getting behind them and removing their power cells (by pressing the B button when prompted). This is easily the best mode to dispose most, if not all, of the Rejects present in a room.
  • Yellow: it means the Rejects have been alerted and are looking for the source of disturbance (i.e. getting spotted, gunshots or explosions). In this mode, they will look around the source of disturbance without moving though there are cases that might head to wherever the disturbance was generated. After a while, if the player hasn't been spotted, they'll turn white.
  • Red: it means the Rejects have identified the player and will attack. In this case, the player must dispose of the Rejects as with any other enemy. Same applies if the player decides to shoot all Rejects in sight instead of stealth killing them.

Despite not using their weapons. Rejects are dangerous on their own. Their melee attacks deal high damage and, if swarmed by them, can kill a player in a matter of seconds. Shooting their heads off causes their cores to glow red and explode upon reaching the player. If they lose a leg, they'll crawl towards the player. Later on the game, Rejects ready to explode are found. If shot in in the torso, they will fall on the ground without exploding, same applies with chainsaw and bayonet charge attacks.



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