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A Reaction Ferry is a boat pulled by a static cable piece meant to transport personnel and cargo on a river bed in a stable manner akin to a naval cable car. During the Locust War, Reaction Ferry's became a principle marine transport amongst the Stranded as higher tech Imulsion powered vehicles became harder to find and maintain.

These boats were built upon a flotation device, usually out of foam or wood. The ferry is than walled by metal sheets and scrap to prevent accidents. The ferry is controlled via a turn wheel which controls the overhang cables supporting the vehicle.


Lightmass Offensive[]

During the Lightmass Offensive, Dominic Santiago convinced Delta Squad to go to "New Ephyra" Outpost as he has personnel connections with the local Stranded and he knows a vehicle that could transport Delta Squad to the Lethia Imulsion Facility, so they could place down the Sonic Resonator and map out the Locust Hollow.[1]

On the way to meet up with Chaps Aspho Gas Station, they found a Reaction Ferry and proceeded to sail the boat to the other end of the bridge. They had a brief firefight with Locust Drones, with Marcus and Dom shooting out the lights underneath the bridge and turning the Drones into a snack for the Kryll.[2]




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