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A Rat is a small species of rodents found throughout Sera. Their omnivorous diet, combined with their rapid procreation and adaptability made rats one of the most successful species of animals on Sera.

Rats are known to scavenge for food and has successfully adapted in urban environments. They are known to carry a lot of parasites which could spread bacterias and viruses, causing plagues throughout Seran history.


Locust War[]

During the Locust War, Rats manage to survive the Hammer of Dawn Strikes and even thrive in the ruined cities of man. A rat was seen scurrying for scraps before it was crushed by the boot of a Boomer. [1]

Rats were later seen in the "New Ephyra" Outpost as an important food source for the Stranded, as they, along with captured Kryll, were seen being grilled for dinner on an open spit. [2]



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