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"And yesterday, UIR Special Forces launched an attack on the Acastu Imulsion Fields in Dushin, The Defense Department reports that one Gear from the 26th Royal Tyran Infantry was killed, along with five UIR troops. Imulsion production was not affected."
—News report on the raids.

The Raids on the Acastu Imulsion Fields were attacks made by the Union of Independent Republics on the disputed Acastu Imulsion Fields in Dushin.


Indie Scouting[]

"Yeah, 26 RTI's looking after the shop now, asshole. Drop in for a coffee sometime."
—Cpl.Maxon, to a retreating Khimera that was scouting the fields

In the 75th year of the Pendulum Wars, the Union of Independent Republics accused the Coalition of Ordered Governments nation of Dushin of drilling under its border into UIR territory from the Acastu Imulsion Fields and stealing UIR Imulsion. They began launching raids against the Acastu fields to stop this, and the COG responded by sending C Company of the 26th Royal Tyran infantry under the command of Major Helena Stroud to defend Acastu. Shortly after C Company arrived, a Khimera flew over the fields to scout the new defenses, flying at maximum altitude to avoid anti-aircraft fire.[2]

Nighttime Sabotage[]

"Shit, they've blown up the wells. They've blown the goddamn wells."
—Pvt.Marcus Fenix, after the Indies detonate explosives they placed on the Imulsion wells

Two days later, the UIR sent special forces units to sneak into Acastu and sabotage the wells and pipelines. They placed explosives at the wells, but as they attempted to sabotage the pipelines, they were discovered by a Gear squad led by Cpl.Maxon after a driller reported hearing a noise. The two groups entered into a firefight, and the COG forces called for reinforcements. Maxon was hit by Indie fire, and Pvt.Quinn attempted to stop the bleeding while Pvt.Marcus Fenix charged the Indies under covering fire from Pvt.Carlos Santiago. He took down two Indie troops, and a Packhorse driven by Sgt.Bernadette Mataki and gunned by Sgt.Daniel Kennen arrived and took out three more. The Indies detonated the charges they had placed on the wells, and retreated from Acastu. Maxon was taken to a medical station, but died from his wounds. Firefighters put out the blaze at the Imulsion wells, which were repaired in a few days, and production was not affected. The raid was later reported on the news over the radio.[2]

Sniper Attacks[]

"Fucking sniper!"
—Pvt.Carlos Santiago, after a Indie sniper shoots Quinn

A week later, Carlos drove another Packhorse in a patrol around the base, with Marcus and Quinn riding along as passengers. The radar picked up UIR helicopters near the border, and informed all call signs to be on alert. Quinn had Carlos pull over to see if they could hear or see the Khimeras. They were unable to, and Quinn climbed up on a pipeline to see if he could get a better view. An Indie sniper watching the fields noticed him, and shot him in the head as he sat on the pipeline, much to the horror of his fellow Gears.[2]


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