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"Just declassified?! And what do you mean a Locust QUEEN?!"
—Sgt. Marcus Fenix, upon hearing from Col. Victor Hoffman that the COG had insufficient intel on the Locust

Queen was a title of leader on planet Sera, referring to female rulers in a monarchy.[1] It is also a biological leader for the Locust Horde and Swarm.


Human Monarchies[]

Throughout the human history on Sera, various forms of governments were monarchies. Either by marriage or birthright, the female leaders in these monarchies were known as Queens. At an unknown time, monarchies were discarded for democracies and oligarchies. No such monarchy has existed in the modern times of Sera.

Locust Horde (Mid-Pendulum Wars - 17 A.E.)[]

Like bees, ants, and termites - the adult, mated female referred to as the "queen" also applies to the Locust Horde. During the Pendulum Wars, the Locust Horde was created through combining the DNA of Sires, children sick with Rustlung and mutated with the DNA of indigenous creatures of the Hollow, with the embryonic stem-cells of Myrrah, a human born with a genetic immunity to Imulsion. Due to her stem-cells being used to create a new species, a Hivemind was established between her and all Locust. According to Dr. Niles Samson, who created the Locust, Myrrah assumed her role as "queen" among the Locust in order for them to learn and grow, or else they otherwise become unguided. While Myrrah possessed decelerated aging, she was not immortal. Thus, only relatives from her line could inherit the connection to the Hivemind and be able to control and guide the Locust. While the term "queen" is not necessary, Myrrah gave herself the title as Queen in order to feel more embedded in Sera's history. Queen Myrrah only had one human daughter, Reyna, with fellow scientist, Dr. Torres. Reyna had also inherited the connection to the Hivemind, with the same abilities to control the Locust. However, Torres escaped the facility with Reyna - and Dr. Samson lied that Reyna had died during the escape attempt. Myrrah then fully assumed her role as Queen, led the Locust to revolt and massacre the scientists.

As Queen of the Locust Horde, Myrrah led her people deeper into the caverns of Mount Kadar and built their civilization, Nexus. Within Nexus was the Royal Palace in which she resided. The Locust Horde developed an industry of architecture, science, military, religion, and culture. Queen Myrrah's embryonic stem-cells and sexual reproduction with the female Drones grew the Drones into great numbers, which then resulted in the mantra of the Trinity of Worms: The Queen makes strong Drones, the Drones protect Nexus, Nexus covers the Queen. While Queen Myrrah had the ability to control them, she only communicated with them, thus allowing for free will. Despite this, the Locust devoutly followed her due to the lives she had given them. She led the Locust during the Lambent War, in which they fought against their own kind who had been infected by the Imulsion and turned them into the Lambent. Desperate, she led the Locust to war against humanity in order to colonize the surface. After fourteen years into the Locust War, Queen Myrrah planned to sink Jacinto City in order to flood the Hollow to drown the Lambent and deny the humans the last safe place on Sera. Humanity discovered her plans, however, and sank Jacinto before all of her people could evacuate. Queen Myrrah and her people survived, but their civilization was lost. Those closest to her formed the Queen's Guard, but those who lost Queen Myrrah's influence regressed to the Savage Locust.

After the sinking of Jacinto, the Lambent Pandemic began. She then discovered that her former collaborator during the Lambent War, Professor Adam Fenix, was still alive and developed the Imulsion Countermeasure Weapon to destroy the Lambent. However, the targeted-radiation device aimed at killing Imulsion cells would affect the Locust too due to their genetic history. Queen Myrrah captured Professor Fenix and ordered him to retune the device to only kill the Lambent but to also kill the humans as well. The Coalition of Ordered Governments and Union of Independent Republics liberated Professor Fenix and fought the remainder of Queen Myrrah's army. Professor Fenix was successful in activating the Imulsion Countermeasure. The Lambent were vaporized and the Locust collapsed into a chrysalis state. Queen Myrrah was then stabbed in the chest by Sgt. Marcus Fenix.

Swarm (17 A.E. - 42 A.E.)[]

Unknown to the humans, both the Locust Horde and Queen Myrrah survived. The Locust Horde had simply shed the Imulsion from their genetics to form an impenetrable Imulsion crystal shell acting as a cocoon for metamorphosis, which was the beginning of their evolution. As the Locust Horde survived, so did the Hivemind, as did the consciousness of Queen Myrrah. Dr. Niles Samson had genetically designed them to withstand generational conflict by engineering the trait for them to hibernate and evolve against an extinction-level event. Meanwhile, Queen Myrrah's daughter, Reyna, produced a child, Kait Diaz, with former Gear, Gabriel Diaz. Kait had also inherited her genetic connection to the Hivemind and the abilities to control it. After twenty-five years of evolution, the Locust Horde emerged in 42 A.E. as the Scions.

Queen Myrrah was able to somewhat lead them, but the Scions were in need of an army and a physical Queen to guide them. They then developed the Swarm, a bio-organism connected to the Hivemind that allows for the transformation of any lifeform to be converted into a member of the Hivemind. The Scions began capturing humans with Snatchers, placing them into pods, and transforming them into Juvies, later into Drones in the Swarm army. A former Locust War veteran, the Speaker, was appointed the leader of the Swarm until their Queen could be found. Eventually, the Swarm located Reyna Diaz at Fort Umson. By kidnapping Myrrah's biological daughter, Reyna Diaz, they connected her to the Hive and transformed her into their new queen, allowing them to develop new weapons, armor, and strategic attacks.

Known Queens[]


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