Captured Gears, including Tai Kaliso, being taken for processing.

Processing was a Locust torture tactic used on captured Gears and Stranded. The purpose of the process was for the Locust to break their Seran prisoners, which ends in lobotomy.[1]


Torture of HumansEdit

In the years before and after Emergence Day, the Locust Horde had captured millions of humans. Those who were not transformed by Locust scientist Ukkon into a Drone, enslaved in a labor camp, or fed to the Locust beasts were tortured, known as processing. There were various methods to torture, but all methods led to the final act of processing, which involved lobotomy. The process involves a prisoner being chained down while a device cuts under the left tear duct and begins to scrape at brain matter, resulting in the prisoner becoming a mindless slave to the Locust Horde.

Human prisoners were housed in various Locust citadels and bases around the Inner Hollow, but most were taken to the capital city of Nexus. Human prisoners were transported using Torture Barge, which could house the prisoners and torture them. The methods of torture that preluded lobotomy were: hanging humans by the flesh of their backs on metal hooks, striking humans with spiked-whips, slowly dipping humans in vats of Imulsion and melting the flesh, physical beatings, dismembering limbs, starvation, and isolating prisoners in extremely small, coffin-like cells.

Operation: Hollow StormEdit


Tai being processed.

The first known uses of processing were discovered by the COG during Operation: Hollow Storm. Gear squads discovered captive Gears and Stranded being tortured by Locust. They were loaded aboard Torture Barges or taken to Nexus to be processed.[2][3]

Known VictimsEdit

Behind the ScenesEdit


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