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Premier was a title for a head of Government in the Union of Independent Republics. The last known Premier was Yori Deschenko, last leader of the UIR.[1]


In the UIR, the Premier holds more power than the Chairman, acting as de facto head of government whereas the Chairman is de jure head of state.

It is likely that the position of Premiership is the same as the Coalition's Chairman; holding immense political and military power over the respective superpowers. The Premier is the head of the Union's civilian government and an acting commander-in-chief for the UIR's armed forces.[2]

Despite holding such power, the Premier is most likely the first amongst equals, given the confederate nature of the UIR. While the Premier holds total power in terms of foreign relations, in intrastate affairs, the Premier's power is limited to the nation he/she rules. As such, the Premier of the UIR do not have power to dictate rules towards other governing bodies amongst UIR member-states such as the High Council of Gorasnaya for example.

As leader of the UIR, the Premier holds no observable term limits, ruling until he/she dies of natural causes, assassination, resignation or retirement.

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